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MARRY ME (2022): Upcoming Romantic Comedy Set To Air In Theaters And On Peacock Simultaneously

Romantic comedy to debut on Peacock on day of theatrical release

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson star in Marry Me which will debut on the streaming service peacock the same day, it will premiere in theaters.

This upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend, viewers will have the opportunity to watch Marry me in theaters or streamed as its premiere is scheduled for February 11, 2022. This film is a dream couple of two of Hollywood’s brightest middle-aged stars. Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson are set to create some sizzling chemistry just in time for Valentine’s Day, and couples can choose to cuddle at home or head to their local theater to see Marry me.


Owen Wilson, a Wes Anderson regular, will play the part of a divorced “Average Joe” math teacher who marries a pop star played by the ever-radiant Lopez. Wait. Let me back down. Lopez will play a music icon named Kat Valdez whose last song is called “Marry Me”; hence the title of the film. Kat finds out that her music star fiancé / business partner Bastian (Maluma) has been having an affair with someone else, so Kat chooses an audience member from the crowd at a concert (Wilson) to be marry instead. The characters of Wilson and Lopez end up forming a bond that will touch the hearts of audiences and make people wonder if these two characters from different worlds will make a couple.

Universal Pictures will be released Marry me and decided to make it available to stream sooner than usual, perhaps because more recent adult films haven’t found a huge following in theaters these days. This strategy worked for last October Halloween kills and this film has managed to find success both in streaming and in theaters with a same-day launch on Peacock and in theaters.

Lopez created new songs for Marry me as well as the fans are eager to hear. The trailer for the upcoming film looks great and the film could be a comedy in the style of other Valentine’s Day weekend releases such as the 1998 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore hit vehicle, The wedding singer.

Owen Wilson recently posted excellent reviews for Wes Anderson’s The French dispatch and Lopez stars in an upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie titled Atlas. The two movie stars are best known for their romantic roles from the past in images such as Wedding crashes (for Wilson) and The wedding planner (for Lopez).

Weddings are a popular subject for romantic comedies and Marry me is definitely going to make viewers wonder if the two star characters in the film can make their romance work. The film, as previously reported, opens February 11, 2022.

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