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Marriage Stories | Brides and Guests Reveal Worst Wedding Disasters

Weddings can be an incredibly stressful time. With all the planning, spending and expectations, there’s so much pressure on your big day to be just right. perfect.

Alas, as Murphy’s Law says, if anything can go wrong, it almost certainly will.

From the wrong names said at the altar to main course food poisoning, here 9Honey talks to brides and guests of their worst wedding disasters.

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Planning your wedding day can be a very stressful time. (Getty)

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*Some names have been changed


Lauren has attended a few weddings in her time, for couples young and old.

During the nuptials between a “mature couple,” Lauren says the priest made a very unfortunate mistake.

“They were in their 50s – he was divorced and they married in the same church and had the same priest as his first wife,” she explains.

“So we are in church with him and his second wife about to get married and the priest says the name of the first wife instead of the name of the new wife!”

It’s straight out of an episode of Friends — but the bride just had to laugh it off and carry on on her wedding day, Lauren says.

A guest at the wedding remembered the priest saying the wrong name at the altar. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Recently married Jesinta had some issues while planning her nuptials, as well as on her wedding day.

“Things you shouldn’t say – ‘You haven’t said hi to my sister yet, that’s so rude, she flew out of WA for that’, literally in the first two minutes after s’ being lifted from the bridal table for the first time!” Jesinta raged.

In addition, the stressed bride-to-be struggled to get in touch with her photographer a few weeks before the event.

“My photographer/videographer who had been booked for a good year in advance was not responding to emails I was sending at two weeks, but I was (clearly) getting automated emails from them asking if I I needed something from them,” she explains.

“We fired them for literally a week and put together a whole new team.”

bride holding flowers
A bride had to fire her team of photographers a week after the wedding. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Ally was looking forward to her wedding day when she and her fiancé visited the venue for a tasting menu.

She was shocked when the whole place was changed and renovated without her knowledge.

“We walked into our wedding venue the night of our menu tasting (three weeks before the big day!) to find that the space had been remodeled and some aspects had been changed/removed,” she says.

“Probably a first world problem compared to the others…but it was stressful at the time. I had been sold a totally different dream, which felt like a hard pill to swallow at the time. It was hard to accept my vision changes.

“The biggest changes were the furniture and the bar (it was totally removed so we had to hire a freelancer, but initially they said no one could use it and the service was only at the table) .”


Tegan’s wedding upheaval took place during the groomsman speeches.

The blushing bride couldn’t wait to hear a sweet message about love – but it was something else entirely.

“Our groomsman told the story of my husband’s first kiss during his speech. I was furious. He had made a few politically incorrect comments before, which annoyed me already,” she said.

“Then he came out and talked about my husband’s first kiss. I was kind of like, let’s keep it for the money or even when we’re at a party? We all had our grandparents there and I I was curled up in my seat, I was so upset.

“I never confronted him, I don’t think there was any malice involved. He was trying hard to be funny and it just wasn’t working.”

Sitting bride angry at marriage
Another bride was unhappy with the witness’ speech. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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“It’s not my wedding it’s my friends – I was a bridesmaid and as I was buttoning her dress her mum, who divorced her dad over 7 years ago, came in and said: ‘You don’t have to marry her, I would like on my wedding day, someone told me I don’t have to marry your dad’.



Everything went well at Jessie’s cousin’s wedding. But the real disaster happened on the return trip.

“Everyone who had lamb got food poisoning! My dad had to pull over on the freeway to vomit!” she remembers.

“The family called the place and they said, ‘Oh my God…thanks for telling us, have a great day.

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