Wedding Planner

Make dream weddings a reality

Five years and over 50 weddings… meet Jamshedpur-born wedding planner Ashwina Bhatia who has taken the event management industry by storm. In the space of a few years, she revolutionized events by adding her own unique blend of eccentricity and creativity by starting her own event management and design company called Wedding Era. A student of St Mary’s English Medium School, she now plays a key role in making dream weddings in and around places in Rajasthan, but mainly Jaipur. In the midst of these colorful events, Ashwina can be seen making sure the decor is all up-to-date, that the bride’s ‘dupatta’ doesn’t hang around, and the photographer gets all the necessary shots.

“There is an unfathomable amount of emotion involved in a marriage. Even if everything is perfectly arranged, toothpicks are missing for the entrees, people tend to only talk about these, ”says Ashwina.

Sharing her journey so far, the young and charming wedding planner said: “After my studies in Jamshedpur, I was sent to Nagpur for my college to continue my studies, but it was not something that I was enjoying it, so one of my cousins ​​who happened to be in Pune suggested event management to me and as he knew me from childhood, my interest in Crochia Macrame, origami was still there because I saw my aunts and grandmothers making beautiful Phulkari bags or to say they were weaving sheets, with different shapes of hand embroidery and even made beautiful tassels as a key chain. I grew up in a typical Punjabi home with art all around me. So when I was suggested an area through which I could pursue my lucrative interests, I couldn’t think of a better way to channel it. therefore enrolled in the event diploma course for a year and I have continued ”.

Ashwina, who is currently based in Jaipur, added, “I have also interned at various destination wedding companies, and with each wedding I understood the details of what it means to be a manager. events. Simply put, that means micro-managing every task with absolute perfection. Speaking about her wedding events, she said, “All of our weddings are tailor-made, tailored to the needs and ideas of our clients. We make sure that there is no monotony in our work in order to be fresh and unique.

The basic ingredients for a fun wedding would be something like having a famous DJ with a grand sound console for a sangeet night, a red mill fitted out with windmills and sultry decor in red and all glittering with lots of gold. and creating a whole fresco island bar setup or floral bar for a phoolon ki holi for haldi, or a South Indian themed haldi or mehendi, applying rangabati a sort of white vermilion as guests enter a South Indian dress code ”.