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Liane and Adam Barakat ready for “a whole new world” | Way of life

Marriage is an adventure.

It’s a dazzling place that Liane Chung didn’t know she would end up. When she first met her prince, Adam Barakat, on a night out on the town with friends in 2013, the two never got past brief introductions. It wasn’t that he wasn’t the perfect gentleman, but she was taken.

Fast forward to December 2017, Liane, who was now single, after seeing a story on social media of a handsome gentleman she thought she didn’t know, sent a smiley face and a heart-eyes emoji in a message. This is where Adam really opened his eyes. “I could not have extended the meeting at that time, but it’s nice (and it must have been fate) how we found ourselves four years later, not remembering that we had met at the ‘origin,” Liane shared with wedding on the island.

Together for four years, the two had a memorable courtship and an even more memorable proposal. Instead of an extravagant proposal, Adam chose to kneel surrounded by relatives, some of whom were surprise guests, at a Christmas Day dinner at his sister’s house. Liane shared that was exactly what she wanted. “I wanted to be surrounded by our family because we spend a lot of time [with] them, and they have been an integral part of our relationship. My mother, my sister and my stepfather, who I didn’t even know were there all the time until after, [when I realised] that they were hiding behind the couch I was sitting on.


The couple knew they wanted their families involved, from proposal to preparation. Another of Adam’s sisters would open her home, “Riverstones” in Gordon Town, to host their wedding ceremony.

The theme for the wedding was an idea Liane had in mind even before Adam came up with it – “a relaxed outdoor setting, with nature a stone’s throw away and no specific color in mind.” Therefore, the beautiful garden of the already familiar place was appropriate. The couple hired wedding planner Kimberley Dunkley Watkins of Dragonfly Experiences to make the dream come true. She would find the solution when the rain added another element of surprise, recreating the entire ceremony setup, including a stage above the pool where the ceremony was originally to take place, a designated photo area and a live band, who had been relocated. Luckily the seating area was covered so their guests stayed dry.

“There were a lot of emotions that surfaced from the rain and wanting everything to be okay, but when I put the dress on and was about to walk down the aisle, I was ready to become Mrs. Barakat,” Liane shared of her emotions on what started out as a quiet day with an amazing breakfast, which her mother had prepared.

Even though the sky was overcast, the ceremony was a brilliant celebration of Liane and Adam’s love for their loved ones. The mothers of the groom and the bride led the procession, then the wedding procession. Adam entered, flanked by his sisters (representing his deceased father), to the rhythm of Perfect duo by Ed Sheeran. Liane was guided by her father and stepfather, with Chantal Kreviazuk Feels like home play in the background. The music selection told the story of the couple starting a new chapter. After all the formalities, the couple were dancing to the song that talked about their future together – A whole new world by Zayn & Zhavia Ward.

“We both love the movie Aladdin, and the meaning behind the lyrics of the song – our marriage and our new life together is a whole new world for us. All in all, it was a fabulous day! Luckily I had had breakfast earlier in the day, and had tasted the delicious food when we did our tasting because, with the rain and being overwhelmed with emotions, I only had a fork of rice and a chicken skewer during the party,” Liane said.

Adam, whose favorite part of the day outside of the “I do” was to “dance and carry on”, boasts that his wife has outdone herself with the wedding. “For a preparation that only started seven months before the date, it was magnificent. Much of it felt like Greek to me, as my wife did 95% of it (with the help of our planner). Liane’s eyes are much better at these things, and I loved her color selections and the theme,” he said.

He joked that the valuable lesson he learned from his wife that helped him become a stronger man ready to face this new world is “one, my wife is always right, and two, if my wife is never wrong, refer to number one.’ , and after finding out, Liane rushed to be by his side, which was when he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

“It means that I will love, support, support, protect and always be by her side forever. I had always thought (or knew) that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, but slightly salty, when she gave me a quick “hello” and left instantly at the start. After I logged back in on Facebook, in my mind the salt was still there, but I watched her progress through law school and I got to know her better for the compassionate person she is, and [I] feel good knowing she is my partner for life,” Adam said.

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