Key takeaways from phase 1 of the New York Giants training camp

In this week’s cover 3, the team at shares lessons from the first phase of training camp.


This is honestly my biggest takeaway. I have been waiting to see this since last December. Without OTAs, minicamps or spring training, I haven’t seen any players on the pitches outside of the Quest Diagnostics training center for over seven months. It’s a long time to come. It’s funny.

The team has yet to do anything more than tours or strength and conditioning exercises, which means there has been no competition between offense or defense. There was no contact. The team is using this time to get their players in shape to avoid injury when practice begins in earnest this week.

So what are my takeaways? I have a few that may seem basic, but they are meaningful.

Daniel Jones seems to have put on a good weight and looks thicker in his upper body.

No one is on the PUP list. Even players who finished last season injured, like Ryan Connelly and Evan Engram, seem to be moving well.

Joe Judge brought his team out in all kinds of rain, including some pretty heavy downpours. So he’s preparing this team to play in bad weather, and I’d be surprised to see them inside during training camp unless lightning made it dangerous to stay outside.

Everyone seems to understand the challenges this team is facing this year. Whether it’s running new playbooks on both sides of the ball with a limited offseason or staying healthy away from facilities, the team takes their responsibilities seriously. It starts at the top with Joe Judge and his post seems to have reached the players.

All fans should watch the first episode of Giants Life, which shows how the Giants modified parts of MetLife Stadium to allow the team to work safely in training camp. It is impressive how much thought and work has gone into the team’s operations this summer. Kudos to everyone involved from the coaches and medics, IT staff, video service, security and gear guys for making it all come together.

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