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John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette wedding details recalled by photographer

The Kennedy family is often seen as the American version of royalty, but JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn Bessette disputed that with their simple marriage of just 40 people, which made headlines at the time for its quaint intimacy.

Twenty-five years later, the photographer who captured the iconic wedding recalled the intricate details of the day.

John F. Kennedy Jr and Bessette were married in a small church on Cumberland Island, Georgia on September 21, 1996. Senator Ted Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Denis Reggie, was tasked with documenting the case.

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John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette tied the knot 25 years ago this week. (Getty)

“It was an incredibly magical moment,” Reggie said. Vanity Fair of her famous wedding photo which has been made public.

“It was practically dark outside. John grabbed Carolyn’s hand; she was caught off guard. I walk backwards through the light rain at dusk, and John makes this amazing gesture, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. I was really moved by that and Carolyn’s surprise. I loved her expression – that says it all. “

Bessette’s wedding dress also made headlines after Reggie’s photo made the cover of PEOPLE magazine. The simplicity of the silhouette, designed by her friend Narciso Rodriguez, made the designer a household name.

“The way she was flowing in her beautiful dress, moving at full speed, going down the steps. It was happening in real time, and in no way posed or arranged,” Reggie said.

“It was indicative of how the wedding was – natural and timing, not trying to be more than it was in its simplicity. It had incredible elegance and romance; the authenticity of all of this, its simplicity gives it real power. It was a really special photograph. “

“The elegance and the less being more and not making it a big occasion but a warm and loving and memorable weekend – I thought they had done it beautifully,” Reggie said TODAY in a segment aired Thursday.

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The couple were considered one of the ’90s American “It” couples, and their relationship was high profile, which Bessette reportedly struggled with. She declined to be interviewed by the media, which earned her the title “Ice Princess” and was reportedly told she was “not good enough” to join the Kennedy clan.

JFK Jr kisses his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at a White House correspondent's dinner in 1991
The couple pictured at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 1999, the same year they died in a plane crash. (Getty)

Nonetheless, the couple continued their “heated” relationship in the media spotlight, even being pictured in the middle of a fight in Washington Square Park.

“They would love it hard and fight hard but they really were a couple,” said Ariel Paredes, an acquaintance of the couple. People.

Carole Radziwill, wife of John’s late cousin Anthony Radziwill, agreed, telling Vanity Fair Carolyn “wasn’t afraid to anger John … and John needed it”.

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“John didn’t need anyone else who was going to say yes. So she said no. He loved her. And she loved her. And they drove each other crazy,” she said.

Tragically, the couple were killed in a plane crash in 1999, just two months away from their third wedding anniversary.

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