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Jennifer Lopez Slams Wedding Guest Who ‘Sold’ Private Ceremony Video

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo.

Singer Jennifer Lopez has spoken out against a wedding attendee who she says ‘profited’ and ‘sold’ a video of her husband serenading Ben Affleck last weekend during their wedding celebration wedding in Georgia.

“This was taken without permission. Period. And whoever took advantage of our private moment,” she wrote in an Instagram comment shared by fan account @jlow0rld, reports.

“I don’t know where you all get it from because we had NDAs and asked everyone not to share anything about our marriage. It’s our choice to share.

“Everything I post privately is OnTheJLO and it’s to share with my fans. Which I will do when I’m ready. This was stolen without our consent and sold for cash. Thank you for care about you, I love you,” Lopez added.


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In the clip, Lopez, 53, sings for Affleck, 50, who sat in a chair directly across from her, smiling and enjoying the performance, before handing the mic to the crowd to engage them in the catchy chorus. “I can’t get enough.”

“All night / I can feel the passion / in your eyes / I’m still in love with you,” she sings as she’s surrounded by backup dancers.

The couple celebrated their wedding last Saturday with more than 100 guests, hosted at the Oscar-winning actor’s 87-acre resort on Georgia’s Hampton Island Preserve, following their intimate ceremony in Las Vegas last month.

Officiated by Jay Shetty, the main ceremony was held on the back lawn under a white frame filled with white flowers while the courtyard was covered in thousands of candles. Everyone present at the main event wore white. The celebration also included a traditional Southern-inspired family-style dinner on Friday.

Lopez and Affleck began dating in July 2002 and got engaged in November. They later postponed their September 2003 wedding.

They rekindled their relationship nearly two decades later in 2021, with Lopez telling People, “It’s a beautiful outcome that it happened this way at this time in our lives where we can really appreciate and celebrate each other and respect us.”

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