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JCB tips wedding procession amidst heavy snowfall in Shimla

With big Indian weddings gradually turning into extravaganzas, a lot of thought goes into planning the bride and groom’s grand entrance to the wedding venue. From the bride and groom arriving on elephants and horses, to driving around the venue on bicycles and autorickshaws, we’ve seen it all.

However, when a baraat from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh had to use JCB to transport them to and from the wedding venue, it was not a grand gesture, but a solution to an adversity. It was snowing heavily on Sunday as Vijay Prakash left for his wedding in the Giripar area of ​​Shimla. The wedding procession managed to reach as far as Dalyanu where they encountered a roadblock. Roads had been closed due to snowfall and rain and the family had to improvise to reach the wedding venue.

The “baraat” was reduced and two excavators were put into operation. Processions continued to the bride’s home on JCB machines and also brought her back in the same way. Now, instead of the wedding celebration procession, the video of the baraat taking place on the machines in the middle of snowy Himachal Pradesh is going viral. An indigenous wedding song can also be heard in the background.

See the video:

Twitter user Anilkimta posted the video on January 24. In a chat with, he said the incident happened on January 23 at 12:30 p.m. Due to snowfall and rain, the road was closed and the procession could only reach Dalyanu.

The groom’s father, Jagat Singh, then organized the diggers. After traveling 30 kilometers, the groom reached the region of Girpar to pick up the bride, Shakuntala. Ten people including the groom’s brother Surendra, father Jagat Singh and the photographer were there in the excavator. Wedding rituals were performed in the excavator.

Earlier, in December last year, a newlywed couple used an excavator as they entered the wedding venue, only to fall over and spark laughs online.