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ITV Emmerdale fans quickly recognize Leyla’s drug dealer as they cringe during dinner scenes

Emmerdale fans were once again reminded of Leyla Cavanagh’s drug problems as she was tempted by a visit from her drug dealer. Unbeknownst to her husband, Liam, family and friends, the wedding planner regularly takes drugs as she comes to terms with the toll of the past year.

Her drug use was exposed earlier this year when Suzy arrived in the village, leaving Leyla to act underhanded. Fans of the ITV soap opera soon discovered it was because Vanessa Woodfield’s new love interest was the woman Leyla was partying and doing drugs with. This continued for some time in the village before Suzy decided she wasn’t going to do it anymore.

She has since tried to warn Leyla about what is now an addiction, but her pleas for her to stop have fallen on deaf ears. And on the latest episode of Emmerdale on Tuesday night (June 21), Leyla’s own drug dealer, Jason Denshaw, showed up at Take A Vow after seeing his picture in a recent magazine.

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Jason tried to get business from Leyla, suggesting that she sell drugs to her clients. He then tried to tempt a trembling Leyla into buying him drugs, but she insisted she was “taking a break.” However, she was soon forced to hide the two bags when Suzy entered the office.

But those listening to the popular soap were distracted during the scenes as they recognized the man playing Jason as 30-year-old Parry Glasspool, who previously starred in Hollyoaks. He played Harry Thompson on the Channel 4 soap, the son of stalwart character Tony Hutchinson, until he was killed off in 2019.

Drug dealer Jason visited Leyla

@Gemma61103028 tweeted: “Omg it’s Harry from Hollyoaks! #emmerdale.” @fussyMcWhiskers said: “#Emmerdale, I recognize the drug dealer from Leyla (aka Lola) – it was Harry from Hollyoaks.” @Skeptical_kanga joked: “Someone better call Tony at Hollyoaks!! Harry is alive and well in Emmerdale Village as Jason Denshaw!!”

@ShakyWoon wrote: “Harry Thompson from #Hollyoaks pays another visit to #Emmerdale!” @ASuperGav echoed: “Harry off Hollyoaks back again #Emmerdale.” That’s because this isn’t her first appearance, having previously appeared to sell Leyla drugs last month.

Leyla was again warned by Suzy

Later in the episode, Leyla took her family to dinner at The Hide to celebrate the release of her magazine and her first wedding anniversary to Liam. Joined by David and Jacob, Leyla got stuck in prosecco and offered to pay the full bill. But as she made her way to the bathroom, she was accosted by Suzy who knew she had taken something.

Ignoring Suzy’s warning, she ordered more prosecco and twirled around in the Hide. And the viewers crumbled. @CxxPIPxx tweeted: “Ouch, Leyla is so criiiiiinge #Emmerdale.” @JordanPhelps21 commented, “Leyla was OTT #Emmerdale.”

But @mikepriestley13 asked, “Why isn’t anyone other than Suzy following Leyla’s behavior? #Emmerdale.” @WiniBoansi said: “Leyla is going to overdose eventually does she keep it up. smh #Emmerdale.”