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It’s #TheBigDealWedding21! See the traditional and white wedding of Chetanne & Nnamdi

We love how giddy and horny love makes us feel and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Chatanne and the love of his life, Nnamdi are the source of our extra fluffy today.

Wedding Photographer, Nnamdi of bigdealofficialweddings and her baby, Chatanne have now married after meeting at Chetanne’s sister’s wedding. If you missed their romance, you should catch up here. After their vibrant Igbo tradition, they exchanged vows in an outdoor white wedding ceremony with friends and loved ones present to share their joy. They then had a blast at the reception. Everything about #TheBigDealWedding21 makes us appreciate the beauty of love and culture.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below.

Dad and his little girl…

Enjoy photos from #TheBigDealWedding21 Igbo trad below.

Let’s see how Nnamdi and his team are also preparing for the big moment…

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traditional wedding

Planner: @shamol_experience
Photography: @officialbigdealweddings
Videography: @officialbigdealweddings
Reconcile: @vys_adorable
Stylist: @ama_reina from @rey_perla
Dressing gown: @rey_perla
1st outfit: @rey_perla
2nd outfit: @geeandjayfashion
3rd outfit: @rey_perla
4th outfit: @didisignature_ltd
Frozen: @Og_cisignatures
1st Hairdresser: @Jovoria_beauty
2nd Hairdresser: @hairbykings
Cake: @belmondcakes
Decor: @magictoucheventss_frank
Accessories: @nenejewellryandcraft | @tothertonyjewelry
dj: @official_djalonso
Asoebi Makeup: @reyperla_glam
CM: @mcigbokwe_oap

White wedding

Married: @chettiebright
Young married man: @officialbigdealweddings
Planner @stmmagicalcreations_events
Reconcile @bellabylyn
Hair @hairbyposhclass
Photography @officialbigdealweddings | @adigunweddings | @asquarestudios
Bouquets @all_bellaz
Accessories @raydiance_effect_store
Bridal outfits @rey_perla
Bridal Stylist @ama_reina
The groom’s tuxedo @cogentfashion
room decor @alexeventss
Effects @effect_bysixtus
Vow ceremony decor @whitemagicnig
Cake and dessert @elsies.bakehouse
Food @Evagreen
Appetizers @innatesmallchops
dj @deejayslimv
main MC @lyricsmoe
CM @freshtalkcfr
After party accessories @afterpartyprops
paper cups @tppcng
Grilled fish @tiller_grill
Memories @rukky_souvenirs