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Is the replacement photograph of the sky a replacement photograph or something?

Sky replacement is one of the biggest trends in photography right now, with major editing applications offering automatic or semi-automatic sky replacement capabilities, making it easier than ever to completely change an image. . Is it the photography, however? Or have we moved on? This thoughtful video essay deals with the subject and the direction the photograph is taking.

From Mike Smith, this engaging video deals with the subject of Sky Replacement and its place in photography. Sky replacement isn’t new, but the reason the topic has become so debated recently is the increasing prevalence of automated tools that make swapping a sky in any photo very quick and easy, a task that was tedious enough to keep its overall usage going down a bit. Personally, I see a lot of potential in these automated tools, especially for photographers for whom second chances are non-existent or impractical. For example, a wedding photographer might enhance portraits of a couple if they are unlucky and have a gray wedding day, and I’m sure many couples would be grateful to have something a little more representative of what they dreamed their wedding day would be. Watch the video above for Smith’s full thoughts.

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