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Ironic Introduces First-Ever Trusted Wedding Weather Service

The Electronic Wedding Weather Confidence Reports are the premier multi-page weather report that gives engaged couples, wedding planners, venue owners and professionals in the wedding industry the certainty of knowing what to expect. when planning the most variable factor: the weather.

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The Electronic Wedding Weather Confidence Reports are the premier multi-page weather report that gives engaged couples, wedding planners, venue owners and professionals in the wedding industry the certainty of knowing what to expect. when planning the most variable factor: the weather.

We can all use a little more confidence when planning a beautiful wedding with all the bells and whistles. Confidence in the face of unpredictable issues such as weather and environmental factors that could ruin energy, excitement, and months of planning. It’s almost ironic, is not it ? [Cue 90’s Music]

Ironic is the # 1 trusted wedding weather platform in the wedding and weather industry. This report can help you not only plan, but also find alternative solutions to many common but always complicated problems. When it comes to dress, beauty, decor, botanicals, health, safety, and food and drink, Ironic is here to provide insight into what was previously unpredictable. We can’t change the weather, but we can change the way the wedding industry adapts to it.

About our reports

Unlike a wedding cake, we cannot water down this information. Each Ironic Wedding Meteorology trust report is created for a specific user, using 30 years of historical weather data combined with Ironics proprietary algorithms to deliver not only detailed weather forecasts, but also valuable information from our certified and professional weather forecasters. marriage. Ironic is dedicated to presenting actionable ideas derived from hyper-local weather forecasting technology to better plan, set expectations and feel confident for almost every aspect of a wedding day, weekend or more.

From $ 75.00, reports are available in 7-day and 28-day ranges that focus on the day and location of a couple’s planned wedding. And by creating “scenario” reports, couples who haven’t set a date can compare their proposed days with available dates from any location to find their perfect wedding day.

Ironic spent over two years working with certified wedding and weather professionals to create the first of its kind Index and information on the weather forecast for weddings.

Each report includes:

Regional weather information:

  • Forecast overview: Analysis of high / low temperatures, expected precipitation, seasonal / regional weather information.

    Weekly exploration: Day-to-day overview of expected daily temperatures including chance of precipitation and snow accumulation, sunrise, noon and sunset, likely weather forecast, wind forecast, cloud cover and humidity.

Wedding attire index: Ironic has spent time working with wedding dress designers, costume and tuxedo tailors, and stylists to create the Wedding Attire Index. We are the only trusted weather platform that helps engaged couples choose the right wedding dress, suits, tuxedos, evening wear and guest wear, focusing on the relationship between expected weather and style. , the weight, construction and material of the garment.

The beauty index: Ironic has worked closely with experts in the wedding hair and cosmetics industry to bring you salon care standards as well as tips and products to help you avoid any issues. Powered by a proprietary mathematical algorithm programmed with 30 years of weather data, the Beauty Index analyzes a combination of temperature, wind speed, humidity, dew point, and seasonal / regional weather data.

Botanical report: Unlike traditional weather forecast research, Ironic understands that the weather can not only affect a wedding day, but aesthetics as well. The ironic focus on examining how the forecasted weather will affect natural plants, from wildflowers and shrubs to the foliage of the chosen (or proposed) wedding venue to centerpieces. Each report includes information on popular flower options for weddings, including bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and venue and table decor, comparing and examining strength, structure, levels of hydration and the seasonal availability of each flower type to recommend flowers that will hold up to changes in wind speed, temperature and humidity.

Health: Ironic understands that the health of our customers can be affected by seasonal and regional weather conditions. Using our algorithm and detailed historical pollen data, Ironic educates our customers about expected risks, including allergy, UV, and hydration risks to themselves and their guests.

Food, Drink and Wedding Cake Index: Ironic believes that by reviewing the weather forecast in advance, it is possible to better choose, plan and prepare menu and bar options for our guests’ wedding day. A wedding cake hint is also provided which helps couples narrow down their frosting choice based on the intended temperature, ensuring the structural integrity of the wedding cake.

When creating our Wedding Weather Confidence Report we thought we would include some dining and cocktail tips as a bonus! We have provided catering know-how, as well as wine, beer, cocktail and non-alcoholic cocktails recipes!

It is our wedding gift to our customers.

Wedding trends and forecasts

LINK: Infographic obtained from the marriage report

The wedding industry has seen many lasting changes since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the landscape is very different in this post-containment era. We don’t know if things will ever get back to “normal,” and we’ve seen a ton of new wedding trends being adopted for 2021 and beyond.

Be on the lookout for these wedding trends and predictions 2021 – ’22:

  • No more runaways and adventure weddings

  • Increase in outdoor weddings and micro-weddings

  • The total number of weddings planned for 2021 is 2.77 million

  • Marriage levels will unite and return to pre-COVID standards around 2024 – 2025

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