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Inside the M&T Bank Stadium Wedding during the Ravens-Colts game

They found the right moment after Haloti Ngata’s Ring of Honor ceremony, and the husband kissed his fiancée just before the start of the second half. During the ceremony, Ravens employees and fans around them became their wedding photographers. They were taken to a room inside the stadium to cut their wedding cake, which they brought to share.

“What was so amazing was that the crowd around us was also very interested. It was an amazing feeling,” said Amala.

“I have to say the Ravens have amazing fans. It made it a great game,” admitted Candace.

As for the game, it’s safe to say that Candace had a better wedding day at that point. The Ravens trailed, 10-3, at halftime and things got worse in the third quarter when the Colts took a 22-3 lead.

“My wife was talking loudly all day,” Amala said. “I was in my seat so calm. But I’m telling you, it was the best experience of my life.”

There was only one hiccup. After all, would it be a real marriage if there wasn’t?

On the way to the stadium, Candace realized that she forgot to bring their marriage certificate, that they needed Shoots to sign to make it official. They left the game at the end of the third quarter, just as Jackson began his furious rally. Amala was streaming the game to her phone as the couple drove in and ran to their hotel room.

Just as they retreated to the parking lot at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens won the game on Jackson’s touchdown pass to Marquise Brown in overtime. They saw the fireworks shoot from the top of the stadium.

On her wedding day, Amala missed the third biggest comeback in Ravens history and a defining moment in Jackson’s young NFL career. Was he disappointed?

“I was already so happy that we got married at the stadium. It was quite fun for me,” said Amala. “I’m just happy to be with a beautiful woman and the Ravens won. So I am satisfied. “

This man has already understood marriage. Hopefully he’s burning as hot as Jackson’s right arm was on Monday night.

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