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In their own words: Molly Duke and Aaron Gonzalez | Pilot Club bridal showcase

Everyone’s marriage is different. Even if two weddings took place on the same day, in the same location, with the same organizer, the memories that day would evoke in the minds of the two couples could be from different worlds.

A bride’s mind can travel directly to that magical kiss on the altar in front of her family and friends, while another can think of the throngs of loved ones who have gathered to share their special day.

In a year when a pandemic has cast its shadow over everything, those memories are a bright spot that shines through the gloom. The following four couples share their memories with the hope that by remembering their special days, they will brighten yours.

In their own words: Molly Duke and Aaron Gonzalez

Couple’s names: Molly Duke and Aaron Gonzalez

Age and Profession: Molly, 27, Student Life Coordinator at the University of Houston-Victoria; Aaron, 33, police officer

Hometown: Victoria

Wedding date: November 21, 2020

Wedding venue: Victoria Country Club in Victoria

Wedding colors: navy blue, burgundy, blush and rose gold.

Wedding Photographer: Heather Crump Photography

How did you meet each-other ?

Molly: We met through mutual friends.

What advice would you give to people planning a wedding?

Molly: Build a support system to help you deal with stress and rely on your same day employees to handle everything so you can be present during the day and not focus on things out of your control.

What is your best memory of your wedding?

Molly: The moment our eyes first met during the ceremony.

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