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I’m a wedding planner – my simple trick lets everyone turn off their phone during the ceremony

ONE wedding planner shares their simple trick to keep people away from their phones during the ceremony.

Claire, who goes by @gritandgraceeventsco on TikTok, shares tons of wedding planning tips and tricks on the platform.


Claire is a wedding planner in Southern California1 credit: TIKTOK/ gritandgraceeventsco
She shares tips for hosting an unplugged ceremony


She shares tips for hosting an unplugged ceremony1 credit: TIKTOK/ gritandgraceeventsco

“The MOST effective (and honestly, the only) way to have a legitimately unplugged ceremony,” the Southern California wedding planner captioned the video.

Claire says that while signage indicating a desire for an unplugged ceremony is all the rage, it doesn’t get the job done.

People will likely walk past them without actually reading or listening to what the signs are asking.

Instead, she suggests an alternative that she says is “by far the most effective way to make sure people aren’t on their phones.”

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To truly have an unplugged ceremony, Claire says it’s best to ask the officiant to make an announcement before the wedding party walks down the aisle.

The video has been viewed over 3.5 million times and racked up over 390,000 likes.

Hundreds of other TikTokers had their own thoughts and ideas to share.

“As a photographer, I always announce this. “ON BEHALF OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM SO WE CAN GET THE BEST PHOTOS, PLEASE PUT ALL PHONES/CAMERAS AWAY,” one TikToker commented.

“I am very particular about wanting an unplugged ceremony, I will put it on the invitations, have a sign and ask the officiant to say so to cover all the bases,” another wrote.

Some TikTokers had other ideas to contribute.

“Is it wrong for me to ask someone to pick them up before they come in? I’m going to pay a photographer/videographer for a reason,” someone commented.

“I heard someone ask your celebrant to announce that you will have a second kiss at the end for them to take their pictures and that helps,” someone else added.

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Claire responded by saying, “Oh, I love that.”

Someone else suggested “a ‘Kodak Moment’ before the ceremony” where their officiant “encouraged everyone to take a photo or selfie and then put their phones away!”

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