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Hyde-Smith encourages Mississippians to get more involved with veterans

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), who was to mark Veterans Day at a ceremony in Ridgeland, released a statement Thursday ahead of the National Day to encourage Mississippians to engage more with veterans. Veterans.

“Each Veterans Day, our nation comes together to remember, honor and thank the brave men and women who fought selflessly to defend our homeland and its values,” said Hyde-Smith. “They are, without a doubt, our nation’s heroes. These heroes can be our parents, our siblings, our friends or our children. They are with us every day, rooted in our communities. It is our duty as a people to recognize their service and their sacrifices.

Hyde-Smith called attention to the National Warrior Call Day resolution (S.Res.754), which encourages Americans to actively reach out to the military, veterans, and first responders to build social connections that can promote mental health and well-being. National Warrior’s Call Day is the Sunday after Veterans Day.

“Veterans Day is a time to not only honor veterans, but to recommit ourselves to helping and supporting them throughout the year,” said Hyde-Smith. “We can support them in several ways. Assistance with reintegration into civilian life. Support veterans as they navigate the resources allocated to them. And the simplest, but perhaps the most important, encouraging open and honest communication.

“A single phone call can reduce isolation, and that may be just what that person needs to get the help they need to uncover those invisible wounds and seek out resources to get help.” , she says.

Hyde-Smith also invited Mississippi veterans with access issues US Department of Veterans Affairs resources and help to contact her assistance.