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How to save on your destination wedding

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Having a destination wedding is often considered one of the most luxurious ceremonies for a couple. However, there are a few nifty money-saving tips that can still preserve the glamor of a night away from home. GOBankingRates spoke with financial experts to get the best advice on keeping costs low and quality high.

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Keep the guest list short

If you’re already spending money on travel, food, and drink for your out-of-town guests, consider keeping the ceremony intimate. A small guest list also opens up your options for where you can have the wedding. Instead of having to secure a large and expensive place, you can go for a budget but good looking Airbnb or similar.

Wedding planner Olivia tan further explained how difficult destination weddings can be for some people, which may be to your advantage. “Traveling for your ceremony won’t be possible for everyone you know, which takes the pressure – and expense – of including hundreds of people. “

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Look for all-inclusive packages

A great way to cut costs is to research the travel package deals offered by your destination. Many resorts and hotels have packages that can help you save money on flights, accommodation, and ground transportation for you and the rest of your wedding party.

Tan also suggests looking for an all-inclusive resort that helps cover your travel expenses as well as wedding expenses. »Getting married at an all-inclusive resort saves the hassle and expense of buying food and drink, going to different bars and restaurants every night, and even renting spaces or buying decorations for the wedding itself Tan said.

All-inclusive resort offerings can range from a wedding cake and beach ceremony to hair, makeup and spa services for you and your guests.

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Focus less on the decor

When the setting is one of the main attractions at your wedding, the decor doesn’t have to be. If you can make the centerpieces yourself, or if you just want to do without them, it can cut costs dramatically. If you’re getting married in a scenic location, flower arrangements don’t have to be the top priority.

Ginger Lowe, Event Manager at Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino, said the guests would not be looking for flowers anyway. “When you host a destination wedding, you and your guests anticipate the beautiful scenery of your destination. Count on the beautiful backdrop and limit your decor.

It also means that you can forgo some of the more traditional wedding favors and trinkets as well. “When expensive gifts are offered party favors, guests often forget about them, ”Lowe said. “Also, if it is a destination wedding, guests may not have enough room in their suitcases to take the presents home.”

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Choose a date carefully

In the United States, most weddings are scheduled for Saturdays so more people can have them, but if you are already taking a week’s vacation for the wedding, you have more flexibility as to which day of the week you are getting married. , provided you know which months tourists flock to your dream wedding venue (both nationally and internationally).

George Hammerton, Director of Hammerton Barbados, said planning around a city’s low season can save you up to 70% on sights and accommodation. “The truth of vacation destinations is that they have seasons when properties for weddings and bed and breakfasts are low and when they are high,” Hammerton explained. “Speak with a local expert before setting your wedding date.”

If you’re staying in the United States, opting for a ceremony on Friday or Sunday can also save you quite a bit of money.

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