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Hotels Should Say ‘Yes’ To Covid Protocols First Before Making Wedding Reservations

June 26, 2021 | 4:27 AM HIST

Hotels Should Say ‘Yes’ To Covid Protocols First Before Making Wedding Reservations

A wedding at a property in Goa and videos have circulated of possible violations of Covid rules. Industry members had mixed responses

A wedding at a recently launched property in Goa in these times of Covid raised more than a few eyebrows. Videos of the wedding have circulated, pointing to possible violations of the Covid protocol. Police rushed to the hotel and later said the clearances had been obtained by the parties from the district magistrate. This begs the question of why the rush to reboot. Yes, business is important, but it could be done by not bypassing the system.

Members of the hospitality industry as well as wedding planners had varying views on the state of the industry, pushes and pulls in the current situation. Jacob John GM Operations and Business Development – Neelams The Grand Hotel has said his opinion is that all hoteliers should follow established standards and rules so that all measures are taken to control the spread of the virus. He said: “The authorities must be careful before giving their permission. Hoteliers should check the systems and procedures put in place by the government, which is in the interest of all stakeholders. It is an extraordinary situation and extraordinary measures must be taken ”.

Shyam Haridas Event Planner found it surprising with all the covid protocols in place that some hotels do not follow it. He said: “Every hotel knows the wedding dates well in advance. They know there are protocols that must be followed.

In these difficult times with Delta Plus variant theories flying, how can a mass tourist gathering for a wedding be allowed ”.

Jerry Pinto Buzz Events, a wedding planner, has been forthright in his opinions. He said: “I support the opening up of the industry. The Goans are linked to the industry. So many people are employed in this industry. There is no government support. We have to pay all the bills that any operating business has to pay. There was no reduction. I know the government is underfunded and therefore its hands are tied. But the question I would like to ask is who justified marriages being a source of growth for Covid 19. Go to the Panjim market or the Mapusa market. People buy and sell vegetables without following the rules. The spread of the Covid can take place anywhere ”. He went on to say that there was a way to downsize the industry but not shut it down. Jerry said it couldn’t be said that everything would be shut down unless everyone was vaccinated in the state. It just wasn’t possible to force everyone to get the vaccine. According to him, every tourist arrived with a negative PSTN record, but if it later turned out to be a fake certificate, how could the tourism industry be blamed for it.

The guests, he said, came for the weddings, but when they ate and drank, the masks were removed. How could the tourism industry be blamed in such a situation, he asked. Jerry ended by saying that hotels and their staff, wedding planning companies and their staff were vaccinated and wearing masks and that there were so many variables on the outside and so how could the government blame it? tourism industry.

Ajith Nair, sales and marketing manager, Zuri White Sands Goa Resort and Casino, said everyone is legally bound by the country’s rules. He said: “I have had weddings in June and July this year, but we have informed our clients of developments in the state and told them that no more than fifty guests could be allowed. . Weddings have been canceled or postponed. Many decided to have it at home and lost business. I had quite a few requests. We did a filming on site, when the instructions were issued, we asked them to leave ”. He said weddings usually involved the invitation of close relationships around this time and clients were usually the realities of the field, but admitted he didn’t have to deal with clients who wanted it in their own way. . His hotel, he said, would open 7-8 rooms in July, then fully open in August.

Another senior hotel executive, Anand Chatterjee of Planet Hollywood, said that when it comes to the wedding that took place at a local property, he said the law of the land takes precedence if said party breaks. He added that the law should also prosecute if the relevant authorities find that the viral video and rumors are false. He felt that Goa needed tourism to start as soon as possible. He said, “It is the livelihood activity for the majority of the state. Tourism is wrongly blamed for the increase in cases in April and May 2021.

A few other wedding planners declined to testify, saying they were unaware of the details and did not want to comment.

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