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Honeymoon Snapshot – My New Orleans

“A picture is worth a thousand words” might be a cliché adage, but when it comes to your wedding day, it’s the one that rings true. Choosing the photographer that matches your personality and aesthetic is essential to ensuring that your wedding day is perfectly immortalized for generations to come. But what about after saying “yes”?

Kelly here: recently my good friend Lauren celebrated her big day. She and her husband then flew to Paris to begin their honeymoon. While there, the duo hired a local photographer to take professional photos of them in the City of Lights. What a great idea, right?

We love the idea of ​​adding a little something to your honeymoon budget to make sure iPhone photos aren’t the only thing you’ll remember from the trip.

We asked my friend, a real New Orleans bride, a few questions to find out what made her decide to hire a Parisian photographer and what she thought of the result.

What made you decide to take on a honeymoon photographer?

I knew we were going to have a million beautiful photos from our wedding, but our wedding experience was not over after the reception. I also wanted to commemorate the honeymoon. It was our first time in Europe and after talking about traveling to Paris for our whole relationship, I wanted to capture this amazing moment, on top of the world in the most romantic city.

Was it easy to coordinate with the photographer who was in different countries and time zones?

It was easy to book. We are Airbnb folks for every vacation we take, so when we booked our apartment I noticed that the Airbnb website had an “experiences” category for you to buy. The section included things like walking tours, personal cooking classes, private tours, and photo ops. The description explained that you are booking a photographer for one hour at a time and at a specific location – usually recommended by the photographer but possible to change if coordinated. All messages are sent through the app and by email.

Lauren and her husband Michael in Paris

What was the best part about hiring a honeymoon photographer?

The best part is having beautiful photos that we could never have captured on our own. Our excitement is perfectly frozen in time. As a tourist in another country, I would have been skeptical about asking strangers for a photo and selfies can’t capture that many.

Were there any pitfalls in the experience?

I can’t think of any! Our photographer was so sweet and easy to work with and she loved capturing us as authentic ourselves. We scheduled the photoshoot for 9am and started our day at 10:15 am.

What would you say to a couple who are thinking about this for their honeymoon?

Absoutely! You will always regret not having seized this unique opportunity. I am so happy with our photoshoot and wish we had done it in all the towns we visited on our honeymoon.

If you’re visiting New Orleans for your honeymoon, or just looking for tips on how to choose the best photographer for your wedding (and honeymoon) festivities, read our interview with photographer Mike Lirette.