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HAL’S HEADLINES: COVID-19 Bullying Must End!

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Anti-Bullying Week just ended, but it was a little different this year. The pandemic has created a new form of bullying… COVID bullying. This is happening on both sides of this issue and it is all completely wrong and unacceptable. Among those who have been bullied is epidemiologist Cynthia Carr. She has been an important voice on my radio show for the past 20 months and I have greatly appreciated her expertise. However, some people decided to harass her because of her public service. Her son is getting mail now, so she doesn’t have to see letters like the one accusing her of war crimes at home. It’s even worse on social media. It’s horrible ! Cynthia won’t like what I’ve written here about her so much. She told me about this bullying because she knows it happens to others and is worried about their stress, anxiety and mental health. Stop bullying now and replace it with kindness.

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Can Do People is hosting their fundraiser for gift cards again. Two dozen Winnipeg businesses are involved this year. Until December 10, when you buy a GC from one of these companies, Can Do People will get 10% of the value. It’s a great opportunity to buy local and support a good cause. Can Do People is a non-profit adult day program for people with autism and other intellectual disabilities. You can find out more at

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Notice to dog lovers! I just want to salute a great organization that is working hard to prevent tragedies like the one we heard about this week in Shamattawa, where a girl was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Manitoba Underdogs is one of the many wonderful local groups that travel to remote communities to rescue and spay and neuter dogs. They operate without government funding, so if you’re a dog lover like me, help them out with a donation to

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New study says it’s not just fireworks and thunderstorms that stress dogs. Researchers say these are also common household noises like a vacuum cleaner or microwave oven. They surveyed nearly 400 dog owners and found that intermittent high frequency sounds are much worse than low frequency, continuous sounds. Senior author Emma Grigg from the University of California says that we feed, house and love our dogs, and we also have an obligation to better respond to their anxiety. I wonder if the sound of a toilet flush makes a dog thirsty?


Wedding photographers can apparently say a lot about a couple. A young wedding photographer recently took to TikTok to say that she was looking for three signs that a marriage is unlikely to last. If one of the spouses takes more than three photos without the other, if the bridesmaids or groomsmen avoid talking about the couple, and if the couple spends more time with family and friends than the other .

A wedding photographer says you can see the signs on D-Day if a wedding is destined to survive. Getty Images file


Not all hugs are created equal. Psychologists in London have researched hugs and have determined that longer hugs, between five and 10 seconds, are considered more enjoyable than very short ones. Oh, and also, the position of the arms doesn’t really seem to matter.

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