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Groom calls wedding guest for “horrible” behavior mid-ceremony: “He disrespected you completely”

A groom is furious that his brother-in-law stole the show from his wedding.

He shared the incident on the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum. Her brother-in-law is not the easiest person to get along with. But during the ceremony, the brother-in-law handed out invitations to his own wedding. The two got into a fight and the groom sent his brother-in-law away.

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“My wife’s brother [is] a doctor and takes pride in his job and treats others as less than, ”said the groom. “He is engaged and was due to get married last month but postponed because he had an argument with his stepfather. A few days before this wedding he came to see us and asked if he could announce his wedding date before the ceremony started, but I politely said no. He said “good” and gave up. On the wedding day, he showed up with his fiancee and daughter, in the middle of the ceremony, and did not even sit down. He just started to shake hands with the guests and hand them little cards, which turned out to be his wedding invitations.

When the groom confronted his brother-in-law, things quickly escalated.

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“I was upset but couldn’t interrupt the ceremony. But obviously people were distracted which was awful, ”he wrote. “The ceremony was over, and he was still handing out his wedding invitations and talking about [what] what her wedding will be like, the atmosphere at the venue, etc. I went straight to him and asked him what he was doing. He looked at me from head to toe and started to laugh softly, saying, “I’m sorry, my God, the costume,” while looking at him. I told him that it was not acceptable to hand out invitations to guests. I told him that he was disrespecting my marriage, my marriage and my guests by doing this. He then literally asked, “How dare you do yourself today?” I lost it on him and told him to leave immediately.

The editors felt that the brother-in-law was completely at fault.

“He completely disrespected you and your wife,” someone wrote.

“They want your obedience in the face of his horrible behavior,” commented another.

“I’m sorry, he handed them out at MID-CEREMONY?” What kind of crazy world do you have to live in to do this? Another said.

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