Wedding Finance

Greensboro’s historic Julian Price House (of “Hoarders” fame) opens a new chapter. Owners partner with neighbors for wedding packages. | Local News

Julian Price House in Greensboro now offers wedding packages, thanks to a partnership with McAlister-Leftwich House, another historic home in the Fisher Park neighborhood. The McAlister-Leftwich House provides venue and reception; the Julian Price House offers overnight accommodations, smaller rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches.


A few months later, the pandemic hits. The Fuko-Rizzos closed the bed and breakfast for several months.

When business picked up, accommodations at Julian Price House received rave reviews, they said.

“We’ve always been asked to have a wedding here,” said Michael Fuko-Rizzo. “But we can’t have receptions here.”

But the McAlister-Leftwich house – with large empty spaces and high ceilings – can.

So, from October, at the invitation of the Fuko-Rizzo, the parties began to work out the details. The partnership embraces their visions.

How much is an all inclusive package?

The $12,300 package will buy Price House accommodation for three nights and the McAlister-Leftwich event venue for the day.

The $16,800 package adds space for a rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch the next day.

Fisher Park Neighborhood Association board member Cheryl Pratt said she liked the plan.

“It seems like the best arrangement for the neighborhood, that they (the owners of Julian Price House) provide the accommodation and the little things and that the McAlister-Leftwich House hosts the event,” Pratt said.