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Ginnie Graham: TPD agent goes from wedding planner to career change cop | Chroniclers

Police work was part of Bresee’s education. His father, Lieutenant Jack Marquis, was an officer in the Norman Police Department for 26 years.

“Growing up is what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to get a college degree,” Bresee said. “I grew up in the police station.

Bresee graduated from Norman High School in 1998 and received a Business Administration and Marketing degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2004.

“When I graduated from college I took a different path and knew I had to find a job,” she said.

For about seven years, she worked at Farmer’s Insurance, then became an event and hotel wedding planner for three years.

“In event planning, the customer is number 1 and you need to communicate with them,” Bresee said. “Maybe then you have to say that this isn’t quite the way it’s going to be, or this is the way it should be or something went wrong along the way.” You need to be able to defuse a situation the same way you would when making a home call. “

In 2011, longtime mentor and law enforcement pioneer Lahoma Nelson passed away at the age of 89. Nelson was one of the first women to become a Norman officer and developed the Safety Town project for children.

“She was one of those officers who knew all the kids, all the people in the community and everyone knew her,” Bresee said. “Everyone adored him and I adored him.”

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