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As the dreaded second wave of Covid-19 subsides, giving the country some breathing space, it also appears to have kicked off the shaadi season, in the midst of a sweltering heat. The news of a maximum of 50 guests allowed into a wedding hall delighted bride and groom across the country and rushed to book dates and venues for weddings. In fact, couples who had planned their wedding at a later date this year are trying to get married in July itself, in anticipation of a third wave, lest they have to wait forever!

Famous wedding designer Swati Pandya informs that she is suddenly inundated with requests for an early date for the wedding. “Our clients are moving forward with the wedding of 50 guests, thus meeting government guidelines for Covid-19, as they absolutely realize that this is the ‘best in hand’ situation, but don’t do not want to delay further. The times to come are uncertain so they think it is better to organize the weddings as soon as possible, and in July even compared to when the milestone had fallen to 10 or 25 guests, or to choose better weather at a later date. , ”Pandya shares.

The sudden increase in the number of people wanting to get married as soon as possible also made the timing quite difficult for wedding planners (Arvind Yadav / HT PHOTO)

Mumbai-based wedding planner Chinmai Jain says the desire to hold ceremonies on auspicious dates is also something that drives people to finalize a date in July itself. “It’s a matter of rush now,” Jain explains, adding, “There have been a lot of auspicious dates over the past three months, but because of the lockdown nothing was possible. Now people fear another lockdown in Mumbai in September They are afraid they will end up waiting another year and therefore want to be married in July, even if it means having a smaller-scale ceremony.

Ishaan Kapoor, owner of a Delhi-based wedding catering company, who was due to be married on July 31, plans to prepare for the wedding. “I plan to have it earlier in the month. The third wave can come at any time by looking at the way people behave in Delhi. We will have 40 guests at my wedding, and we have asked everyone, including our house staff, to do their RT-PCR tests two days before duty begins. The hotel we booked did not request these reports, but we want to be sure that we are ready with them in case they do, ”says Kapoor.

The sudden increase in the number of people wanting to get married as soon as possible has also made the timing quite difficult for wedding planners. “The price of flowers has also tripled. Previously we had 20-25 people in our team, but now there is hardly any manpower left with us. We’re hiring from outside right now to meet demand, and most people have tripled the cost of their services. There are also rules and regulations that they need to be vaccinated, which makes it harder to find the right people for the job, ”says Sumathy Bachchan, a Delhi-based wedding planner, and Reema Singh, another wedding planner. marriage, adds that while people do not reduce the number of functions, they certainly reduce certain frills: “So as if they had planned to have singers for all their functions, they would only have one. Even in a baraat there are usually 11-50 people in the group with the dhol and lights and everything, but now there are very few and they don’t use a baggi or even a group in some cases. Usually people passed by ₹2.5 lakh on the baraat, but this reduced to ₹12,000 to ₹15,000. ”

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