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From luxury estate to Wickliffe municipal offices – News-Herald

Situated on a hill off Ridge Road in Wickliffe and steeped in history, what was once the mansion of Harry Couby and his wife, Mae Allen, is now used for municipal offices in the city.

Coulby Manora 54-acre estate at 28730 Ridge Road, was originally called Coulallenby and was completed in 1913 at a cost of over $1 million. Not only was Wickliffe the home of Harry, a shipping magnate and the town’s first mayor, but many millionaire businessmen, including Feargus B. Esquire, Frank RockefellerHenry Devereaux, Hugh McKinney, Julius French and the Corrigan family.

The homes of these families were located on Ridge Road in addition to Coulby Mansion, making it an extension of Cleveland’s Millionaire’s Row.

“Harry came here in the early 1900s. He built this place and all the material was brought in from Europe on his ships,” current mayor Joe Sakacs said. “He had ships and there are pictures of that in the mansion. He wanted to be on a hill so he could see his boats coming in because you can see the lake from here. There weren’t so many trees back then, so you could even see it better.

  • Wickliffe Mayor Joe Sakacs points out the mottled initials of past mayors on the ceiling of the mayor’s office. The room was Harry Coulby’s library. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • This is the original staircase inside Coulby Mansion, which was once the home of shipping tycoon Harry Coulby and his wife. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • The living room of Coulby Mansion is now used as a chamber for Wickliffe Town Council. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • The grand hallway of the Coulby Mansion in Wickliffe features imported Italian marble flooring. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • Bell chime systems are still on the walls inside Coulby Mansion in Wickliffe. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald).

  • The Victorian Hall at the Coulby Mansion in Wickliffe, formerly the formal dining room, serves as additional meeting space and as the central dining room for Wickliffe Region Chamber of Commerce holiday teas. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • The former owners of Coulby Mansion in Wickliffe have preserved many of the original elements of the house such as clothing, photographs of Harry Coulby and his wife, brass hardware, hand-carved woodwork and painted murals. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald)

  • Architect Frederick W. Striebinger was hired by Harry Coulby to build Coulby Mansion in Wickliffe. (Marah Morrison – The News-Herald).

Surrounding the exterior of the mansion are formal gardens, Coulby Pond, the old cowsheds, a gatehouse and a public park with a nature trail. Harry also had underground tunnels for his workers, Sakacs said.

“The old service department is where he had a barn and a lot of things going on, and there are lockers and sleeping quarters for help,” Sakacs said, also pointing out what was used as an entrance. main building and where many luxury cars have stopped.

People now use the courtyard for taking prom, homecoming and wedding photos, as well as for holding wedding ceremonies.

Until 1954, when Wickliffe purchased Coulby Mansion for its municipal offices, the house had multiple owners. It also served as a Catholic school for girls after Harry’s death in Europe in 1926.

The previous owners retained many of the house’s original fixtures, such as Tiffany chandeliers, a skylight, murals, hand-carved woodwork, and brass hardware. Additionally, Harry’s scope to see ships on the lake, a clock, photographs of Harry and his wife, clothing, old bottles of cocaine cough syrup, and binders on Wickliffe’s wealthy families have been preserved.

The pillars of the house are also original and, on the lower and upper levels, patios have been used as a breakfast area.

“There is a rose garden set up by the Keep Wickliffe Beautiful Commission and a water fountain. It’s a draw,” Sakacs said. “My whole thought is not that everyone is into recreation. It was built for swimming, baseball and all that, but now there is more of a relaxing and socializing atmosphere where everyone can enjoy.

As visitors venture inside the mansion, one of the many photo opportunities is the staircase just before the grand hallway, which is original and features imported Italian marble flooring. Pictures of former mayors as well as those currently serving on Wickliffe City Council hang on the wall in the main hallway.

The marble for the mansion’s fireplaces was also imported from Italy. The west wing is currently used as a council chamber but was originally the Coulby family living room.

“It is difficult to put cameras in place to broadcast. We have to get creative because we can’t drop the mics in chandeliers,” Sakacs said. “The mayor’s office – when a mayor leaves office, he writes his initials (on the ceiling). It started in the 70s.

Formerly used as Harry’s library, the room still looks stately as the mayor’s office. The room has a fireplace, shelves and hand-carved Bohemian wood panels.

The first floor of the East Wing also served as offices for the Wickliffe Police Department from 1954 to 1990.

The city’s finance department was once Harry’s bedroom and the building department was his wife’s bedroom, who still has her shoe closet and 360-degree mirror. A few steps up from the second floor are the servants’ quarters. The chime system used to summon the butler or maid is still in the hallway.

“In the 80s, it was a detective office. It’s like a big maze because there are so many different things. I get lost,” Sakacs said. “It’s on the shirts of all the city workers and it’s the logo. It is the face of the city. »