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Exclusive: Meet the LGBTQ couple, Mekhala and Tatum, redefining love on Valentine’s Day

As the day of love brings luck, fortune and happiness, people are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special someone, or with their family and friends. This period is really joyful, beautiful and special because there is nothing more romantic than seeing people express their emotions to their significant other. Gifts, roses, chocolates, teddy bears, whatever it is, giving your partner your love embodies the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. This time is also about all those couples who have been together through all the hardships, all the problems and given love the chance to heal and be the most powerful emotion that holds the world together. And one of those couples is Mekhala and Tatum. Hailing from the LGBTQ+ community, they both share an enduring love that is truly inspiring and delightful.

At a time when the world has yet to fully embrace equality and inclusivity for people of all genders and different sexual orientations, these two prove that there really is nothing greater. than simple love. Devoid of any condition, they are just raw feelings and emotions.

In an exclusive interview with us, they talk about how they met…and how cherished they feel with each other. Continue reading:

Tell us your love story!

Tate: We met in 2005 when I was an undergraduate and Mekhala was a 2nd year student at the same university. We were both studying creative writing, so we first got to know each other by commenting on our poems and stories for the class, and then we hung out as friends.

Mekhala: We fell in love with our most honest selves because the feedback we told each other was always true to heart. We both gave our honest reviews and the day I realized that Tatum would tell me if something she didn’t like, I knew it was her.

Tate: We didn’t really meet until a few years later, because Mekhala had already graduated and I was still on a bachelor’s degree for another year in the United States. At that time Mekhala was in Canada and that was the start of our four year long distance relationship.

Mekhala: After Tatum graduated from high school, we decided she would move here to Canada and we have been here ever since!

Have you encountered any problems due to your diverse origins?

Tate: I grew up in Texas and Mekhala grew up largely in the Middle East; we both came from very different cultural backgrounds and had different childhood experiences. But it led to us constantly learning new things about each other. Creative writing brought us together, as well as the fact that we are both women.

Mekhala: Over time, we realized that the cultures we came from also had a lot in common. Both Texas and Indian cultures place great importance on some of the same things: the importance of family. I think the fun of being with someone from a culture very different from yours is realizing how much you actually have in common.

(Photo credits: Erica Camille)

Can you tell us about this thing that sets you apart from all other couples?

Tate: I think every couple has their own story, but part of what defines us is the fact that we were brought together because of our love of words and writing. And the 4 years of distance relationship had put us to the test. We didn’t see each other, so we had to develop strong communication skills.

Mekhala: We talk to each other a lot. We are very good communicators and we still talk a lot about every little thing. We are also best friends and it really benefits our relationship.

Do you get negative responses when you share photos on social media? If so, how do you handle this?

Mekhala: A few years ago when we got married, our wedding photographer took the pictures out and it went really viral. We received thousands of messages from people all over the world wishing us good luck and it made us smile a lot. But there were also a lot of negative messages. At first, we were shocked because those people who didn’t even know us wished us harm. But then again, we realized that we felt bad for these people because they didn’t really know both of us and probably didn’t have anyone in their lives to love, like me and Tatum love each other. Haters will hate, but we gotta get on with our lives!

How do you think the world has progressed lately in accepting the LGBTQ community? Do you think India is about to sanction same-sex marriages?

Tate: It’s amazing how much the world has grown in terms of understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities since we’ve been together. It wasn’t even legal when we first got together, so when the United States passed marriage equality in 2015, we celebrated heartily. It was the only reason we were able to get married in 2018. It was very exciting to see progress happening at such a rapid pace. At the same time, we know that there is still much to be done to advance the rights of LGBTQ people around the world, especially people with trans and non-binary gender identities.

Mekhala: And regarding the recognition of same-sex marriages in India, I really hope marriage equality is right around the corner in India!

How do you hope to inspire the younger generation to follow their hearts and accept their true selves?

Mekhala: We both recognize that being able to live freely and safely as a couple is a privilege we have in the country we currently live in. But this is not the case for other people in the world. So if we can share some of our story and if it can give hope to someone who can’t find it or see it right now, we’d be happy to do so.

Tate: Throughout our relationship, our deep understanding of our own identities and our deep love for each other has been the only star that has guided our decisions. So I would like people to know that even if you can’t live freely right now, you can still live authentically knowing who you are deep inside, and not straying or leaving anyone behind. change your mind about yourself and your values.

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