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Estelle Buehman would have started the first kindergarten in the territory of Arizona | Local News

Shortly before Henry’s death, Estelle wrote a short history of Tucson. “Old Tucson: A Hop, Skip and Jump History from 1539 Indian Settlement in New and Greater Tucson” was published in 1911 with Henry providing photographs for the work in which Estelle proclaimed, “Arizona has a right to honor to be the first European colony in what is now the United States of America.

And as she spoke of the old mule streetcars that had been replaced by an electric streetcar line, “which flies by, making you almost imagine yourself in New York or San Francisco”, she recognized the need of “[e]educate the rising generation, then we have men of courage, character, ability, and reputation to deal with the moving questions of government, the problems of ways and means, and all the perplexing and thorny questions of daily life and labor .

Although being a businesswoman herself, and acknowledging that girls need to be educated and trained “to think high, strive for high ideals”, she also felt that they should “prepare themselves to be good women housekeepers, domestic wives and orderlies, and prudent and intelligent housewives. those entrusted to them (sic).

Estelle has also written articles on Japan and the Philippines, as well as a cookbook including recipes such as Spanish Beef, Honey Candy, Honey Walnut Sandwiches, and Baked Dumplings.