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Emmerdale fans ask AX bosses about ‘pathetic and grotesque’ Leyla drug plot

CERTAIN storylines in the ITV Dales have met with little success with viewers.

Disappointed by Leyla Cavanagh’s recent cocaine addiction, soap fans are calling on Emmerdale bosses to scrap the storyline again.


Emmerdale viewers aren’t big fans of Leyla’s drug story1 credit
The wedding planner was seen buying more drugs on Friday


The wedding planner was seen buying more drugs on Friday1 credit
Viewers took to Twitter to stage the storyline, judging it


Viewers took to Twitter to blast the storyline, calling it “ridiculous”1 credit

After being shot by serial killer Meena Jutla and risking her death, Leyla Cavanagh (portrayed by actress Roxy Shahidi) was catapulted into the spotlight.

ITV viewers have seen her develop a cocaine addiction in recent episodes.

The character has kept his vice hidden from the villagers despite new Emmerdale resident Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) knowing all about it.

Leyla promised her friend Suzy, who had given up drugs, that she would quit.

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But that turned out to be a challenge that the wedding planner struggled to overcome.

During Friday’s installment of the Yorkshire-based programme, Leyla was seen flushing her drugs down the drain after nearly crashing into an off-duty police officer’s car.

However, Leyla reverted to cocaine as she bought more drugs from Jason Denshaw, played by ex-Hollyoaks star Parry Glasspool.

But the addiction story hasn’t captivated fans of the long-running drama.

Many of them took to Twitter to stage it, calling it “ridiculous” and calling on bosses to drop it altogether.

“It went from the ridiculous story of Meena to the ridiculous story of Leyla being a drug addict,” one viewer commented on Friday.

A second viewer tweeted: “This Leyla SL drug is getting wackier and wackier.”

A third fan complained, “That Leyla drug thing,” adding sleeping emojis along with a gif of Chandler Bing from Friends falling asleep.

Another viewer chimed in, “Even by recent Emmerdale standards, these Leyla and David stories are ridiculous.”

“That Leyla story is pathetic,” wrote a fifth, “There are too many drug addicts and alcoholics in Emmerdale.”

A final fan fumed, “This Leyla/Lola story is damn pathetic.”


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But as Leyla continued to spin in circles, some onlookers speculated that the worst was yet to come, thinking her new ‘dodgy dealer’ might be giving her tainted drugs.

“Seems to me Leyla might get tainted coke from a ddgy dealer at some point which might harm her,” one wrote.

Another added: “This guy could give Leyla anything. She has no idea what she’s doing.”

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What’s next for Leyla?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

Leyla tries to keep her addiction a secret


Leyla tries to keep her addiction a secret1 credit
Some fans fear the worst


Some fans fear the worst1 credit
Many other viewers recognized former Hollyoaks star Parry Glaspool


Many other viewers recognized former Hollyoaks star Parry Glaspool1 credit