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Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing after Leyla Cavanagh vows to quit cocaine

EMMERDALE fans are all saying the same thing after Leyla Cavanagh quits cocaine.

The wedding planner – who is played by actress Roxy Shahidi in the ITV soap opera – became addicted to drugs, and in tonight’s episode David was convinced to give it up after catching her trying to take it.


Leyla Cavanagh left fans worried about her in tonight’s episode1 credit
David found out that Leyla's drug addiction had been going on for months


David found out that Leyla’s drug addiction had been going on for months1 credit

She told him it was a one-off, but David later found out it had been going on for months.

Furious at falling in love with Leyla’s lies, David told her: ‘I know it’s your drugs Jai was charged with, which means you’ve been on coke for way longer than you gave me confessed.”

Leyla shot back, “Everyone just assumed they were at Jai, what did you expect me to do?

“I didn’t ask Suzi to lie. Let’s be honest, none of them are innocent, are they? They were both users.

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As David lashed out at her for her lies and admitted he didn’t know how to help her, Leyla tried to manipulate him.

“I don’t know what to do, David,” she said.

David said, “You need professional help. It’s the only way for me to see you move forward.

“Jai went to one of these support groups, maybe you could go to one?

“Otherwise I’m going to have to start talking to someone and the only logical person I can think of is Liam.”

Leyla then insisted she would go to the support group and claimed to have booked her first session.

But as David praised her for doing the bare minimum, she was distracted by the arrival of his dealer in the village behind him.

However, in a shocking twist, Leyla turned down the opportunity to buy cocaine.

She told him, “I might just miss it actually. I’m sorry, I just feel like I need to relax a bit.

The dealer was furious and told her she would see him soon – and next time she would have to drive to him.

Fans are all saying the same thing about Leyla’s shake.

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One wrote: “Leyla really needs to go to rehab. #Emmerdale”

A second said: ‘David shouldn’t trust Leyla, if she overdoses he’ll wish he had told Liam. #Emmerdale’

Another added: “No Leyla…you need help now. #Emmerdale”

Leyla's addiction spirals out of control


Leyla’s addiction spirals out of control1 credit