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Dublin Airport hosts first Covid wedding as couple marry in private terminal

Dublin Airport hosted a Covid wedding today as the stunning married couple in a private terminal.

Nicola Kennedy and Jamie Cope had a one-of-a-kind celebration as they got married at Dublin’s Platinum Services Airport.

A small wedding party attended the service today which was the first of its kind to take off in the VIP terminal.

Platinum services consist of luxury private suites and a free menu, among many other elite services.

Dublin Airport tweeted photos from the event and said: “Warm congratulations to Nicola Kennedy and Jamie Cope who got married today at Dublin Platinum Services Airport.

“We often welcome newlyweds who are leaving, but they are the first couple to get married in our private terminal.

Wedding at Dublin Airport

Nicola Kennedy and the wedding party

Platinum Services wedding

As of June 7, 25 people can attend a wedding celebration or reception. Weddings of 50 people are permitted from July and 100 guests can be accommodated in August.

June 7 was the biggest easing of restrictions to date after the May 10 and June 2 lifts.

It has been one of the most exciting for people and tax collectors across the country because it is such a big step backwards to normalcy.

The streets were pedestrianized and the paths were extended in order to provide as much space as possible for pubs and restaurants.

Further easing of restrictions will take place on July 5 and 19, with a final easing in August, subject to public health advice.

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