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Does Marriage Insurance Offer COVID-19 Coverage?


Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows more than 260,000 marriages were postponed across the UK in 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak disrupted nearly every aspect of people’s lives. And despite restrictions slowly easing across the country, the impact of the pandemic is expected to be felt not only by couples planning their special day, but also by professionals in the wedding industry on whom their jobs depend. of the success of these celebrations.

Is Marriage Insurance Required?

One lesson people have learned with the pandemic is that unexpected events can put a damper on even the best-planned celebrations.

Separate surveys by wedding service providers For Better For Worse and put the cost of an average UK wedding at around £ 30,000 to £ 32,000 – and for an expense Also huge, companies say it may be wise to invest in wedding insurance.

However, not all wedding celebrations require a blanket, according to

“You don’t need wedding insurance if you are having a small wedding and have agreements in place with your venue and / or suppliers, which makes it easy for you to postpone or cancel with little or no money. financial repercussions, “the firm wrote in an article on its website. “If it would be easier for you to rearrange your day on your own without the help of an insurance company, then this may be the preferred option for you. However, in most cases we recommend having at least basic coverage in place.

What does marriage insurance cover?

Most wedding services and financial comparison websites have sections dedicated to marriage insurance to help consumers decide if coverage is the right option. A quick check on these websites reveals the following as typical inclusions in a standard marriage insurance policy.

  • Venue issues: Policies typically cover costs incurred when certain events made it impossible to hold the ceremony at the chosen venue, including floods, fires, and bankruptcy. Insurance also provides coverage if, for some reason, the owners of the place suddenly cancel the reservation. This clause is often found in the cancellation guarantee.
  • Cancellation due to illness, accident or death of a family member: When a wedding has to be postponed or canceled due to these incidents, wedding insurance must cover the costs. Coverage also applies if these things happen to someone who is integral to the wedding, such as the bride, groom, bridesmaid, and witness. However, for illnesses to be covered, they must not be caused by a pre-existing condition.
  • Weather-Related Cancellation: Most policies cover cancellations caused by extreme weather conditions if half of the guests are unable to attend.
  • Lost or Damaged Items: Wedding insurance provides coverage if certain items essential to the ceremony are lost or damaged. These include wedding rings, cakes, flowers and wedding attire. Some policies cover wedding gifts as long as they are not left unattended, while others cover flowers and cakes only until the wedding reception. Most policies also cover cases where one of the suppliers does not show up.
  • Photo or video issues: A policy may cover re-shots if technical issues result in the loss of photos or videos. This also applies when those responsible for providing photo and video coverage cannot attend.
  • Civil liability: It covers damage caused to third parties or to property occurring during the wedding ceremony.

What does marriage insurance exclude?

Wedding insurance does not cover cancellations if one of the couples changes their mind or for those resulting from minor issues such as a misplaced decoration. Cancellations or postponements due to financial hardship are also not covered, although some policies provide coverage if one of the couples is laid off, depending on how close the wedding date is. If the marriage could not go through because a family member becomes ill or dies due to a pre-existing medical condition, this is also not covered.

Some insurance companies offer coverage for outdoor weddings in the event that extreme weather conditions disrupt the ceremony. Some also offer cover for marquees and ceremonial swords. However, all of these are excluded from standard insurance and must be purchased as an add-on.

How much does marriage insurance cost?

Insurance rates depend on a variety of factors, including the cost of the wedding and the type of coverage needed. Premiums can start at just £ 20 for ceremonies costing less than £ 2,500 and can go up to £ 300 for weddings worth £ 100,000.

Does Marriage Insurance Cover COVID-19 Cancellations?

Many marriage insurance providers have suspended sales of policies after the pandemic as they continued to assess the risks posed by COVID-19. Policies purchased before the pandemic, however, have remained in place. For those accepting new customers, many do not offer protection against incidents related to the coronavirus.

Here’s what the policies of some of the UK’s largest marriage insurers are saying about COVID-19 coverage, as of December 2021:

Emerald life

Emerald Life has temporarily suspended the sale of marriage insurance, according to its website. Existing policyholders, however, may be covered if a key member of the wedding party contracts the coronavirus or if a location cancels “because it is self-isolating as a one-time event.” Cancellations resulting from the government’s implementation of blockades and assembly restrictions are not covered.

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The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium has also suspended the sale of new marriage insurance policies due to the pandemic. Policies already purchased remain valid. But according to the insurer’s website, these do not cover claims resulting from reportable disease, which it defined as “any disease that must be reported by law to government authorities.”

“COVID-19 (coronavirus) has now been officially registered as a notifiable disease in the UK,” the company added.

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John lewis

John Lewis is also not offering new marriage insurance policies, as of December 2021, but existing ones remain in effect. On its website, last updated on August 10, the insurer states: “Our policy will cover if your wedding or wedding reception venue is unable to organize your wedding due to a epidemic of infectious or contagious disease, the place is closed by the competent authority, or the death, injury or illness of yourself, your next of kin or members of your wedding party (for example, the witness , bridesmaids, ceremonial boys and ushers) who would make the continuation of the marriage inappropriate, subject to the terms of the policy and conditions. “

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Wedinsure has a page dedicated to FAQs related to the coronavirus, but this only applies to policies taken out before March 19, 2020. The insurer resumed sales of wedding insurance on October 23, 2020.

According to the website, Wedinsure would consider a cancellation or reorganization request resulting from the coronavirus for the following reasons:

  • The venue is unable to hold the wedding ceremony and / or reception due to the coronavirus.
  • Inevitable annulment of marriage due to death, injury or illness (including COVID-19) of future marriage or civil partner, or close relatives (defined in policy), which would mean having or continuing the wedding and / or a wedding reception would be impossible.
  • Wedding caterers being unable to provide service for or during the wedding due to an outbreak of COVID-19 at their premises.

Marriage Insurance

WeddingPlan Insurance also has a dedicated FAQ page, which answers some questions related to COVID-19. With respect to additional costs resulting from a cancellation or postponement due to government restrictions related to COVID-19, the insurer declares: to be the result of something that is specifically covered (an insured event) under of [the cancellation and rearrangement] section and is not otherwise excluded or outside the limits of your policy that you have purchased. For the rearrangement in particular, we would cover a cost up to, but not exceeding 25% more than the original invoice. “

For cancellations due to the bride, groom or a close relative who tested positive for the coronavirus, the company states: “Your policy covers the death, injury or illness of you or your close relative, which would make the lawsuit inappropriate marriage. . You will need to provide proof of a diagnosed COVID-19 infection and details of why pursuing the marriage is inappropriate. “