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Dior’s New Look Inspired This Bride’s Dress for Her Wedding in the English Garden

The proposal was no less memorable. Matt came up with a fake plan with friends and dragged his reluctant future fiancé out of bed early one Saturday morning. Instead of an Uber waiting outside, there was a white Cinquecento, reminiscent of their first date: an Italian picnic in the Serpentine Park. The extra sweetener? The driver in a suit holding the couple two coffees to sip while taking them on a wild goose chase around London. After hours of sightseeing in their own city, they arrived in Hyde Park to recreate that special Serpentine first date, this time with professional caterers. “As he knelt down to do the classic proposal, which brought me to tears for about four days, we were blessed with wonderful passers-by who wished us luck and took pictures,” recalls Toma. “It was like something out of a TV show.”

A date with their friends awaited them at Windsor Castle in west London, the scene of many Toma’s birthdays. “We broke the news and, with everyone screaming and crying, we drank the pub dry,” she recalled showing off her grandmother’s engagement ring, which Toma’s mother had slipped on the table at Chez Bruce (mother’s intuition had told her what lunch was for). Matt and Toma then worked with the Ring Concierge to bring the bride’s dream emerald cut diamond set with trappings on a thin band of minimal gold, “so the stones feel like the stars”. “The first time I put it on, everything felt very, very real and we were into the next stages of the marriage and wedding process,” she recalled.

Toma and Matt’s wedding date was two years to the day since they met on July 16, 2020. After the church service, guests made their way to a marquee which the bride said “had a sense of wedding drama , but was cozy and intimate, like the best dinner you’ve ever been to with a sense of surprise.Three long tables were adorned with flowers, inspired by the bouquets Matt gave Toma every fortnight from their first date, with cute cutlery from Embellishing the Ordinary, who also designed their invitations.(Consistency of visuals was key for Toma, head of creative productions at, and Matt, senior creative director for a FinTech company.)