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Did Vishal Parvani and Richa Saldana get married?

Family Karma fans are wondering if Vishal and Richa got married after their engagement in Season 2. After much drama between them, they finally got married.

fans of family karma probably remember Vishal Parvani and Richa Saldana’s on-and-off relationship spanning two seasons, and it’s time to share the current relationship status between the two reality stars. They got engaged for the second time in the Season 2 finale, and a lot of people are wondering if they ended up getting married. In family karma season 1, Vishal tried hard to convince Richa’s mother, Lopa, who was against their relationship. However, Lopa didn’t think Vishal was good enough for her daughter and insulted Vishal’s mother Reshma Parvani when she spoke badly about their family. At the end of family karma season 1, Lopa finally gave Vishal her blessing, and the couple took part in an Indian engagement ceremony with their friends and family.


In family karma season 2, fans saw that Vishal and Richa’s relationship soured during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the two had broken off their engagement. Vishal worked hard to win Richa back, but the only bone of contention was their long-range situation. Richa was living in Memphis, Tennessee at the time, while Vishal was in Miami. Also, there was another problem. Richa wanted Vishal to take over and find them an apartment so they could start their life together, but Vishal kept dragging his feet. Eventually, he surprised her with an apartment of their own in Miami, and re-proposed to Richa in the family karma season 2 finale.

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family karma Season 3 is yet to be announced and viewers are curious whether Vishal and Richa got married or not. Fans will be delighted to learn that the couple tied the knot in January 2022, on the beach in Mexico. The couple originally considered getting married in India, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to find a closer location. With the help of a wedding planner, they still had a traditional Indian wedding in Cancun. The lavish three-day wedding was marked by numerous outfit changes from several Indian designers and a custom creation for Richa by designer Nazranaa.

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The entire cast of family karma was in attendance, leading fans to wonder if Vishal and Richa’s wedding was filmed for season 3. Many of the show’s viewers are clamoring for the show to return, as they got invested in the lives of the cast. . Vishal’s best friend Amrit Kapai proposed to her then-boyfriend Nicholas Kouchoukos in family karma season 2. Fans were supporting Amrit as he struggled to date his grandmother. When he confessed to her that he was gay and that Nicholas was her boyfriend, she was surprised at first, but eventually came to terms with his relationship. Amrit and Nicholas got married in early April 2022.

family karma season 2 aired in July 2021. Now that nearly a year has passed, the cast’s lives are bound to be full of changes. If the show returns for Season 3, viewers will love seeing the new dynamic in Vishal and Richa’s marriage. Fans will also love to see how Amrit and Nicholas are doing as newlyweds. Bravo has just announced its new fall range, and unfortunately, family karma season 3 was not on the list. Hopefully Bravo will grant viewers wishes by bringing the show back for another season.

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