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Dance referee Somo takes her performance to a wedding

Entertainment for Sunday January 23, 2022


Referee Somo shows off his dancing skills at a wedding

A referee who provides spectators with another form of entertainment apart from the action on the pitch, Alexander Cofie also known as Somo left the pitch to entertain the wedding guests.

In a recent video seen by GhanaWeb, the dance referee appeared to have transcended his rhythmic spinning skills beyond the football pitch as he was spotted entertaining guests at a wedding ceremony.

Dressed in his official referee outfit, Somo was seen in the video dancing to the delight of the wedding guests who couldn’t help but cheer him on.

Referee Somo has been trending on social media over the past few months due to the entertainment aspect he adds to his job as a referee.

Alexander Cofie came to the public’s attention after videos of him dancing on the football pitch to excite spectators went viral.

In October last year, he indicated he was ready to dance at events and in music videos.

“I can dance in music videos. If you want me to play in your parties too, I can do that,” he said in an interview with PulseGhana.

The community referee from Bukom has been seen dancing to entertain the crowd on several occasions at half-time at the various match venues where he officiates and at the end of the matches.

He said in a TV3 interview that he chose to dance at the match venue after matches because spectators, especially those on the losing side, often looked sad after matches.

“I dance to entertain the audience because they looked bored so it’s my way of entertaining them by dancing. I’ve been dancing for a while and before refereeing games I like to make jokes to set the mood especially at half time when there’s no goal,” he said.

But in another interview with PulseGhana, he revealed that he was doing the officiating part-time as he is a full-time fire service officer.

“I am a staff member of the Ghana National Fire Service [sic]he said when asked what he does outside of football.

Watch the video below: