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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ bachelor party would cost $3 million, luxury event planner claims

It’s been four years since boobies rich asian came out, and although some time has passed, the film is still considered one of the best. boobies rich asianas the name suggests, follow the lives of wealthy Asians who throw extravagant parties because they can.

The cast of “Crazy Rich Asians” | Dave Benet/Getty Images

One of the movie’s biggest events was supposed to be the wedding, but the bachelor party might have stolen the show. An event planner recently estimated how much the bachelor party of boobies rich asian would cost, and the amount will make your jaw drop.

A Closer Look at What “Crazy Rich Asians” Is

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The film opens with a teacher named Rachel Chu, who teaches an economics class. Rachel is in a relationship with Nick Young, who informs her that they have to go to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. When Nick informs his mother that he plans to bring Rachel home, she objects and tells him that Rachel is not welcome.

This forces Nick to make reservations for them at a hotel by lying to Rachel about why they are at the hotel instead of home. Rachel reconnects with her college roommate Peik Lin whose family is among the wealthiest in Singapore. After revealing who she was dating, the family are stunned and reveal to her how rich her boyfriend really is.

The bachelor party would cost 3 million dollars

Nick’s best friend’s bachelor party is one of the film’s highlights. The party begins in a private shed where the men and women split up to attend the respective parties. The men take the groom to a private boat where the main event takes place. There are several expensive vehicles at the shed, including Mercedes and Lamborghinis.

An event planner and founder of The Vanity Group, Karleen Roy, recently sat down with GQ Magazine to break down the luxury party scenes at the movies. Roy estimated that renting the G4 the men arrive in costs $8,000 an hour. She also estimated that the Sikorsky helicopter ferrying the groom to the island cost around $5,000 an hour.

Roy also mentioned that the boat where the party took place had a vinyl sticker that could have cost the party $5,000, noting that the sticker comes off. The boat’s “parking space” costs around $10,000, as Roy notes that the film might have had to load the boat before filming.

Party models could have cost upwards of $20,000 and $200,000 could have been used for sound and lighting. Roy feels that everyone on the boat should have signed confidentiality agreements to protect the high profile client. In total, she estimated the total cost of the whole party at $3 million.

Karleen Roy owns the Vanity Group

The Vanity Group is a high-end event planning company that has worked with various high-profile guests, including Beyoncé and Rick Ross. The company has also lined up the sets for high-profile magazines like Essence, Forbes, and Elle. Roy’s business also organizes baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

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