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Couple’s attempted robbery on their wedding day highlights San Francisco’s gun violence problem

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — San Francisco police announced a disturbing trend on Wednesday, with the number of victims of gun violence rising to levels not seen since 2016. The announcement comes just days after a couple and their wedding photographer were victims of an attempted robbery on their wedding day.

Newlyweds, who wanted to be proud of their marriage and share photos with family members who couldn’t be there due to COVID-19, are now terrified of showing their captured faces on their day special.

“It’s very disappointing,” said the victim, who asked ABC7 News not to reveal his identity after someone jumped out of a car and tried to steal his camera from their wedding photographer in the California and Powell streets.

They added: “It all happened so fast.”

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During the altercation, photographer Ken Mendoza says he kept the camera because the couple’s photos had not yet been saved and because he had another camera stolen.

“In hindsight, I realize the danger,” he said. “Certainly my life was in danger.”

Mendoza and the couple ran and hid in a nearby parking lot.

“We blame the criminal, obviously, but I think London Breed and Chesa Boudin are also to blame as far as I’m concerned,” the victim said. “They were just standing there watching it all happen because the city just turned into a horrible place.”

On Wednesday, Mayor and Police Chief William Scott announced the city’s crime statistics for 2021.

“Nothing is more important than making sure the people who live in this city, the people who work in this city, the people who visit San Francisco, feel safe walking the streets,” he said. said Breed.

Homicides are on the rise, as are victims of gun violence, which include fatal and non-fatal incidents.

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“That’s as high as we’ve been since 2016,” Scott said.

San Francisco police confirm that one of the suspects in the Mendoza robbery allegedly had a firearm.

“To imagine that on that day one of us could have woken up married and found himself a widower, it’s just incredible,” the victim said.

Robberies are down slightly while aggravated assaults are up.

“It’s something we need to reverse and on the investigative side we need to do more in our investigations to solve more of these cases,” Scott said.

The chief of police and the mayor have stressed the need to fund the officers.

Something Mendoza wants too.

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“A greater police presence in some of these really iconic areas is really important,” he said.

The couple say they feel forever bonded, having shared the happiest and perhaps scariest time of their lives with Mendoza.

“I consider him my hero of that day,” the victim said.

In other crime statistics announced Wednesday, rape cases are down slightly, as are burglaries. Thefts/thefts, including thefts from vehicles, are on the rise. Car burglaries are also on the rise while car thefts are down slightly.

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