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Couple “kicked out” of the bride who came to her childless marriage with their children

Do you prefer to attend a wedding without children? Or do you like to watch the children play inside the room? Some people dread having children around them, so they decide to ban children from their marriage. How can you organize a wedding without children without offending the guests?

If you tell someone that they cannot bring their child to your wedding, it decreases their chances of attending the wedding because they will have to look for someone who can take care of their child when they are away. Some people might also reject the wedding invitation because not inviting their child might offend them.

People who do not invite children do so because the children are loud and demand attention. They play games and refuse to sit in one place, forcing their parents to run after them. This prevents the parents from enjoying the marriage. All they do is take care of their children, which is not what the hosts want.

Source: Reddit


The last thing you want to do on your big day is create a scene in front of the guests. A Redditor shared that she, as a bride, kicked out a couple for bringing their child to her childless wedding. She had no intention of doing so, but circumstances pushed her to take this step.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

If you invite someone to a wedding without children, you expect them to come without their children. You don’t want kids running around and crying because they don’t feel comfortable. The Redditor allowed the couple to come with their children to the wedding ceremony, but she lost her temper when she saw them at the reception.

She asked her event planner to speak to the couple and see if anyone would pick the kids. While she was busy with other guests, she saw the couple arguing with the event organizer. Immediately she walked over and asked what it was.

She told the couple that children are not allowed here. The groom stepped in to see what was going on and had an argument with the children’s father. The Redditor cut the discussion short and asked the couple to leave immediately. She asked other users for advice, and one said:

Another user put herself in the situation where she was invited to a wedding and wrote, “I have a six year old child, and even if children were allowed, I would probably still find a babysitter. to go to a wedding i want to relax and have fun. I love my little guy, but mom needs to relax sometimes. “

When someone asks you not to bring your child to their wedding, they really mean it. You must follow the rules and leave your children at home. A Redditor shared what happened during their wedding:


While some people don’t break the rules for anyone, others break the rules for welcoming their guests. A woman explained that she and her husband had no plans to invite children to their wedding because they didn’t have many children in the family and were on a tight budget.

They had reserved places for each guest, but one of their guests left at the last moment. As the reservation was not refundable, the couple started looking for someone among the guests who could bring another person with them. They agreed to invite the 16-year-old brother of the woman’s best friend, who was not an adult under the law.

One of the bride’s aunts came to see her during the wedding and started complaining about why the 16-year-old boy was allowed and not his 2-year-old grandson. Other guests also spoke about how unfair the bride was to let her best friend bring her brother. She asked other users for advice, and one said:


Should people stop having childless weddings because there is always someone taking offense? The bride and groom have the right to choose who they want to invite. If they agree not to invite children to their wedding, then that is perfectly acceptable.

However, the couple should inform their guests of the no-child policy well in advance of the time, so that they can make arrangements to leave their children at home. According to a poll, only 9% of people agree to ban child marriages, while 25% of them think that everyone should be allowed to come with their children.

If each guest shows up with children, the bride and groom will need to make arrangements to meet the needs of the children. This means that they will have to increase their budget and spend money to set up activities to occupy the children. In addition, if the bride and groom have children in the immediate family, they cannot marry without children.

Boy and girl walking on the road |  Source: Unsplash

Boy and girl walking on the road | Source: Unsplash

What they can do is specify which children are allowed to attend the wedding. It would offend some people who wish to bring their children, but the bride and groom can explain why they have invited a limited number of guests. After all, it’s their wedding, and they decide who gets invited.

If the bride and groom have decided to invite specific children, they should ask their parents to make sure their children do not run around and create a mess. Parents should take full responsibility for their child so that other guests are not disturbed by their presence.

It’s fine to have a childless marriage, but you need to be clear about your terms and conditions well in advance. Your guests need to be on the same page as you so they don’t ruin your big day by creating a scene. Even if you invite a child to your wedding at the last minute, you need to take your guests with confidence.

Bride holding a wedding invitation card |  Source: Pexels

Bride holding a wedding invitation card | Source: Pexels

If you’re inviting a child to your childless wedding at the last minute, you can send an exception note explaining what prompted you to take this step. This will ensure that no guest steps in and says mean things to you for breaking the rule for someone else’s child.

What do you think? Should the bride and groom explain their choice to have a childless marriage to their guests? Being clear about their expectations will ensure that their guests will not be offended. Leave a comment to let us know what you think about childless marriages. Should people organize such weddings?

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