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Couple – both heart transplant recipients – marry 2/22/22 in Wynn

It’s not often someone gets a second chance at love. It is rarer to have a second chance in life. That’s why on ‘Twosday’ – 2/22/22 – Sheila Daley and James Dunbar tied the knot, celebrating the second chance that came in the form of their relationship and heart transplants.

The Rochester, Minnesota couple were one of thousands to celebrate their wedding on Tuesday as people flocked to Las Vegas to wed the lucky date.

Daley, 62, and Dunbar, 57, have known each other for years as colleagues at the same country club, the couple said. Dunbar, who underwent a heart transplant in 2015 after a heart attack, became someone Daley could relate to when she was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition several years later and learned she would likely have it. also need.

“It just got fresher in my mind, like there’s someone who’s been there that I’m going to have to (go though),” Daley said. “But it’s hard to say whether we would have come together. I think that was a big part of that, that we both shared that.

“I fell in love with you right away,” Dunbar added. “You were getting sicker and sicker and slower and more run down. Then getting into this heart transplant surgery is amazing. It’s an eight hour operation and the recovery – she bounced back so quickly after the transplant, it was so inspiring. Then I knew she was going to outlive me, so I just had to marry her.

The couple tied the knot at the Wynn Las Vegas at 10 a.m. in the presence of about 50 guests, including their adult children and Daley’s parents. Dunbar chose the date for its uniqueness, noting that it would be an easy-to-remember anniversary.

Previous repeat dates, including 7/7/07 and 11/11/11, have seen several thousand weddings in the Las Vegas Valley, Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya said Monday. The total for “Twosday” won’t be known until March, as couples can take several days after the ceremony to receive their marriage license from the clerk’s office.

But the date is expected to be significant for the local industry – which claims the title of marriage capital of the world and brings in around $2.5 billion in annual economic activity to the county – because so many couples filed their paperwork over the weekend. The county reached its 5 millionth marriage license milestone on Sunday.

Daley, a psychologist, and Dunbar, a realtor, recently moved into a new home in Mesa, Arizona, where they plan to lead active lives playing golf and walking their two Dobermans through the winter and back. in Rochester in the spring.

They said they were especially happy to be together after learning how precious life is.

“We just know the importance,” Daley said. “You can’t control the weather. There is not much time and we really wanted to spend this time together with our gratitude for being organ recipients.

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