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Copper Country service sites see increased activity

HOUGHTON COUNTY, Michigan (WLUC) – In the Copper Country, businesses work hard to meet the needs of wedding and event planning.

The Siskiwit reception hall at Calumet has indoor and outdoor reception areas.

“We’re running at full capacity now, so it’s good that we can have people in this barn in the future here,” said Joel Keranen, owner of Siskiwit. “Outside and in the tent, and in the Siskiwit, and especially in the funeral home. “

Keranen says he’s working on finishing two more hospitality sites on his property, which he hopes to rent out soon.

“We have had several weddings over the past few weeks here in the barn and in our outdoor gardens at siskiwit,” Keranen said. “So we really cover everything, we have a modern facility with air conditioning, we have a barn like this which is new but old. “

When it comes to equipment rentals, Superior Equipment and Events co-owner Donna Berryman says they’ve been busy as well.

“We’ve done a lot of what we call backyard party awnings, which are little tents that a customer can set up,” Berryman said. “We also manufacture the wedding tents or the large function tents that we set up. “

However, Berryman says things are picking up speed a bit slower than equipment rental sites.

“We probably have another good year before the event business resumes its full swing,” Berryman concluded. “I think there are a lot of married couples who are reluctant to plan a really big wedding right now.”

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