Closed wedding ceremonies to explode during May 1 holiday

A traditional Chinese wedding ceremony takes place in Guiyang, Guizhou Province on November 16, 2020. A Confucius school in Guiyang invited eight couples to hold a traditional Chinese wedding, based on the Zhou Dynasty ceremony (1046BC – 256BC ). (Photo: Chinese Press Service / Qu Honglun)

The looming May 1 wedding boom is increasing pent-up Chinese consumer demand for marriage-related products following the country’s successful control of the coronavirus pandemic.

The search volume for wedding services during the five-day May 1 holiday from May 1 on Alipay increased four times compared to last year, according to Alipay’s official Weibo account on Wednesday.

The number of weddings scheduled during the five-day holiday has risen dramatically, more than the weddings the country witnessed during the national day holiday in 2020, an owner of a Chongqing wedding logistics company said on Thursday. , named Chen, at the Global Times.

Chen added that his company almost went bankrupt because there weren’t many weddings last year after the coronavirus. Therefore, all scheduled weddings that did not take place in 2020 have been carried over to this year.

It is difficult to organize wedding ceremonies involving videographers, photographers, makeup artists and event planners, as many of them are fully under contract and the price of their hiring has skyrocketed, Chen noted. , adding that the wedding decoration material will be difficult to find. before the next May 1st vacation.

The wedding photo studios were full for the five-day vacation, according to a source from a leading wedding photo studio on the online sharing platform Dazhong Dianping.

Jiang Zhixin, the founder of a bakery in Yinchuan City, northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, told the Global Times that he was baking food and cakes for three weddings. which will take place during the May 1st vacation. He estimated that his income could increase by 30% for the holidays.

The number of people looking for “marriage registration appointments”, “pre-wedding medical check-ups”, “wedding photo service”, “flower reservation” and “car rental” marriage ”increased by 265 percent, 108 percent, 950 percent, 350 percent and 173%, respectively, according to Aliyun’s Weibo article.

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