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Caught in the flow: Lethbridge photographer accidentally captures perfect moment


It was the right place at the right time for Lethbridge photographer Robert Kruk.

The sun was setting on a Friday night, so Kruk went to the High Level Bridge to take some photos.

Robert Kruk stepped out on a Friday night to capture a perfect sunset in Lethbridge.

Robert kruk

He set up the plan, but then a couple entered the frame.

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“I was actually waiting for the couple to leave so I could take a nice picture of the bridge, and the guy got down on his knees, so it looked like a proposal,” Kruk said. “So I started clicking away.”

Kruk looked around, waiting for other people to come out and congratulate them, or for a photographer to appear. But nothing happened. The couple continued to walk.

A photographer from Lethbridge accidentally captured a perfect moment for a couple in southern Alberta.

Provided by Robert Kruk

He waited for them to come back so that he could show them the photos and find out for himself what had just happened. When they didn’t, he took to social media.

Kruk posted the photos and asked if anyone knew who the mysterious couple were in the photo.

Robert Kruk launched an appeal on Facebook to help find the mysterious couple.

Global News

It didn’t take long for local internet sleuths to jump on the case. More than 700 shares on Facebook later, the mystery couple has been identified.

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“I got tagged there a few times,” said Brittanie Lamb. “A lot of people ask me, ‘Is that you? Sounds like you but I know you’re already married so I don’t really know what you’re doing there.

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Brittanie and Scott Lamb have been married for five years. The night Kruk saw them was their fifth wedding anniversary.

Scott had planned something special to remember the night.

“Five days ago, I went to our bathroom drawer and took Brittanie’s wedding rings … (because) after the dinner we were going to have, I planned to offer her again” , did he declare.

The unsuspecting Brittanie admitted that she didn’t notice her rings were missing until anniversary night.

“I guess that tells you how often I wear them,” she laughed.

Scott and Brittanie went for a walk after dinner, which just happened to be where he originally proposed about five years before.

“And I got back to my knees, I proposed to her again, I re-committed to her,” Scott said. “And she always said yes, so here we are.”

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Brittanie said seeing the post on Facebook was a surprise.

“I came running up to Scott and told him that someone had caught us in the lava flows,” she said with a laugh.

“I thought it was really cute,” Scott said. “She was really excited and a little dizzy about it, which was kinda cute. It was kind of what I was aiming for anyway, so it just made me happy.

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Kruk believes it also brought joy to people who shared the post online.

“I think everyone was reliving a bit of a romantic evening with them,” he said. “We just had to find out if this was a real proposition.

Viewing the photos also brought back memories of Brittanie and Scott’s original proposal.

At the time, Scott had asked Brittanie’s roommate to hide and take pictures.

“When we were here I actually asked her if she was going to come out of the bushes with a camera again,” Brittanie said with a laugh. “So it wasn’t her, but it was someone else who was there.”

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A photographer from Lethbridge accidentally captured a perfect moment for a couple in southern Alberta.

Robert kruk

For Kruk, he’s just happy to have reunited with the couple.

“It was very spontaneous,” he said. “That’s what makes him better. I think if you plan things out sometimes they don’t work, but sometimes you just don’t expect certain things to happen.

Brittanie and Scott have yet to meet Kruk, but that will change in the near future. Kruk offered to take family photos for them.

But those will be planned.

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