Wedding Photographer

My sister Bridezilla fired my four year old daughter as a flower girl because of her “poor performance”, I will never talk to her again

A distressed mother explained that after hours of training for her sister’s wedding, her four-year-old daughter was abandoned as a flower girl for her poor performance. The 28-year-old mum shared how her sister, 26, had always been picky and expected perfection, but this time she had gone too far in …

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“We froze completely in shock”

What would always be a memorable wedding almost got worse when a bouquet caught fire. TikTok user @emilyljackson shared footage from his special day with his audience. At the reception, the bride placed her bouquet in a vase surrounded by dozens of small candles. As she walked away, the package …

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I’m telling you you’re making me hang on? Bovi refuses to recover his photo from the wedding photographer who unexpectedly shot him down

Comedian Bovi Asks Nigerians To Tell Their Personal Stories Of Photographers At Weddings The comedian was alone enjoying the music from the speakers when a photographer approached him The photographer took the photo without Bovi’s knowledge but the comedian said he had his own camera Comedian Bovi took to his …

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