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Caroline Bryan relies on a “classic” article for the hilarious “PRANKSMAS DAY 4”

“PRANKSMAS DAY 4” has arrived, and Caroline bryan turned to a classic prank item to surprise unsuspecting friends. As it turns out, air horns never go out of style… Caroline noted when she shared video evidence of her jokes on social media, it’s “The classic. The Airhorn. How it all started… 😈 ”

Country star (and joker) Luke BryanThe woman from ‘plotting’ Pranksmas – the hilarious holiday tradition – since at least August. She shared on Instagram at the time that she was already plotting and even hinted at what’s in store for her this year. One of the items included in his photo was “The Classic” air horn, a confetti cannon and more. She also apparently revealed her first victim of Pranksmas: Caroline’s stepmother’s name is written in a notebook, and LeClaire Bryan commented that she “would stay away until after Christmas”.

She didn’t, however. LeClaire was Pranksmas’ # 1 victim when Caroline shared the first video on Monday (December 13). Caroline posted, in part, with the first hilarious Pranksmas 2021 video: “… I was a bad little bastard to her! She got pretty annoyed !! Don’t sting the bear !! Happy Pranksmas everyone! Here we go. On the second day of Pranksmas, “we waited months to play a joke on our hilarious friend / wedding planner (Hugh howser), ”Caroline said on Instagram Tuesday, December 14th. It was then that she teamed up with a few other family members to ‘play with him’, and her response was invaluable. On the 3rd day of the farce (December 15), her victims “never saw it coming”, Caroline captioned her video filled with people surprised by the screams of the tires.

Watch Caroline’s latest Pranksmas joke here: