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Bride’s wedding ruined after dad showed up to ceremony with four strangers

A bride has opened up about how her dad ‘ruined’ her wedding by rocking out with four extra guests she’s never met.

The woman sought support while apparently hiding in the middle of her wedding day.

It all started when his father brought four uninvited guests – his new girlfriend and three children.

The failure of the marriage was all the more evident as the bride had invited only three guests, including her father.

She shared how uncomfortable the intrusion made her on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life.

In an article titled “Ruined Marriage, Please Help Me” on Mumsnetshe wrote: “I am writing this in the hotel room after marrying the love of my life because my father ruined it.

“I don’t have a lot of family, so on my side the guests were him and two cousins. I asked him to walk me down the aisle and everything was well planned.”

A bride told how her father torpedoed on her wedding day

The bride continued: “He arrived before the service but brought his new girlfriend and three children I had never met before and the times he spoke about it were negative.”

“I felt really uncomfortable during the vows knowing that strangers were at my wedding and the eldest child, who is a teenager, was making a lot of noise.

“We’ve spent two years saving and preparing for this day and every little detail has been organized so that it’s been messed up with strangers in shitty outfits arriving.

“We have an hour before the party and meal starts and seating has been arranged for guests only, so there is no food or seating for them.”

Even still, she was afraid to scold her father.

Father walking his daughter down the aisle
The father of the bride was invited, but his girlfriend and children were not

She added: “I want to tell my dad to go and take them with him but I’m afraid to push him away.

“My makeup is ruined and the lady who did it left a long time ago no one checked on how I was, my husband is talking to my cousins ​​who are also angry what to do to save the day?

“I can’t believe I let this cloud my day, but I’m angry and upset that they’re here.”

The sad story ended with her alone and unable to use the toilet in her wedding dress.

The bride said: “I don’t have any friends so there’s no one here to support me. I’m still trying to figure out how to pee myself in this dress.

“I just wish I could start the day again properly, but it’s almost over and I haven’t enjoyed it, we haven’t even had a honeymoon because we can’t afford it.

“Is there anyone who can give me some support and advice please?”

Mumsnet users flocked to comfort the sad bride.

Some urged her new husband to sort out dress and marriage issues.

One said: “Actually, I can’t believe what I read. [original poster]! Somebody has to tell him to leave. will not be your [other half] and/or cousins ​​tell him??”

Another found the father’s behavior “outrageous” as others used various swear words to describe him.

In a follow up comment, the bride said: “Thank you all my husband has asked my dad to send the girlfriend and the kids back or he can leave too.

“I don’t know what the outcome is yet, I’m too embarrassed to leave the room, they were behaving like chavs and I don’t know what my in-laws think now.

“I’m so disappointed he did this to me on my big day, you’re right, I need to focus on my husband now and fix my makeup somehow.”

In light of all the support, she also commented, “Thank you to everyone who has been kind, I appreciate your kind words, I’m going to shake this off and enjoy the rest of my day with a glass (case) of sparkling.”

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