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Bride who wore a £ 30 wedding dress reveals how she spent less than £ 2,500 on the big day


A bride who wore a £ 30 wedding dress from Boohoo and spent less than £ 2,500 on the big day has revealed her secrets to savvy shopping.

Emma Bryan, 39, married her partner Gavin Bryan, 40 in York after spending nearly two years saving for the wedding.

But with the restrictions from Covid and her eight-year-old son Isaac Bryan dependent, Emma decided she wanted to cut costs and managed to plan all day for less than £ 2,500.

After trying on wedding dresses worth thousands of pounds, the bride settled for a £ 30 wedding dress from fast-fashion company Boohoo which she said made her feel ‘better’ than them. more expensive alternatives.

Emma and Gavin have fun on their big day

The couple also managed to find some great deals online – finding their son’s suit for just £ 50 on eBay and spending just £ 17 on his wedding shoes on the sale.

Emma, ​​from Castleford, Wakefield, said: “We got engaged in November 2019 but wanted to wait a bit – £ 2,500 is still a lot of money for us!

“Neither of us wanted a big wedding because we don’t like to be the center of attention, so we wanted something really intimate that only our closest family and friends came to.

“We stayed at the Galtres Lodge in York and walked to the check-in desk – couldn’t justify paying for a car to take me down the road for a few minutes.

Rings cost £ 575

“There were only four guests at the wedding – my bridesmaid, my son and the two witnesses,” Emma added.

“After the ceremony, we returned to the hotel, took our own photos, then had afternoon tea.

“The whole day was perfect – it was better than we imagined as there was no pressure and neither of us had nerves, so the whole day felt natural and special.

“We did everything at our own pace and were able to save thousands of pounds.”

Emma, ​​a financial assistant, and Gavin, a warehouse worker, managed to keep the wedding under £ 2,500 by researching details and limiting numbers from the wedding.

The majority of their budget was spent on accommodation, hair and makeup, totaling £ 968.

Emma added: “We saved money by taking our own photos instead of hiring a photographer and just having afternoon tea instead of a full three course meal.

“My biggest advice would be to focus on what you want and why you want to get married.

“The day should be all about the two of you, not impressing a bunch of strangers you haven’t spoken to in months.

“Don’t think you have to have a great wedding dress because you can feel just as amazing in something from Boohoo, ASOS, or Dorothy Perkins.

“I tried on the big dresses and nothing made me feel quite as good as this little off-the-shoulder lace dress from Boohoo that I got for £ 30.

“Don’t be persuaded to get more than you need, as many hotels and places will tend to charge more because it is a wedding.

“We didn’t have a wedding cake – we just had the cupcakes that came with the afternoon tea!

“Check eBay, Etsy and all sales because you can find some great deals – my son’s costume should have been £ 100 but we got it for £ 50 on eBay.”

How Emma and Gavin did it:

Registration desk – £ 153
Dress – £ 27 (Boohoo)
Shoes – £ 17 (Asos sale)
Hair and makeup – £ 400
Costumes for male witness, husband and son (£ 650)
Hotel – £ 568 for two rooms for two nights including breakfast
Food and cocktails – £ 107
Rings – £ 575 (H Samuel and Etsy)

Total – £ 2,497


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