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Bride stuns with a mega makeover DURING her wedding day – and she didn’t tell anyone what she had planned

A WEDDING day is always unforgettable, but one bride went the extra mile and decided to get a makeover right after the ceremony.

Her new look had the hit as it totally shocked her guests as she returned to the reception to celebrate – and even the groom had no idea.


The bride got a makeover in the middle of her weddingCredit: tiktok/@sallygrieshaber
The secret transformation took place between the ceremony and the reception


The secret transformation took place between the ceremony and the receptionCredit: tiktok/@sallygrieshaber

A wedding photographer called Sally Grieshaber shared how the bride planned everything herself with her beauty team ahead of her big day.

She decided she wanted a whole new look and opted to cut her hair long to a bob between the ceremony and the reception.

Sally, who can be found on TikTok at @sallygrieshaber, was there to capture the moment she sat down in the chair ready for her makeover, as well as the finished look.

She uploaded a video in which she explained that she was “so thrilled when the bride brought it up at the timeline meeting” and can’t wait to see the results.

Alongside the video, which showed a hairstylist trimming her long locks, she wrote, “The bride decided to cut her hair dramatically between the ceremony and the reception on her wedding day.”

She also explained in the comments section that it was done during the cocktail hour of the wedding when the rest of the guests were mingling and took about 40 minutes.

After sharing the video on her social media account, many of her followers complimented the bride’s new cropped haircut.

They also described her as a “queen” for choosing to do this in the first place.

One wrote: “You are beautiful and so brave to do this! Absolutely stunning.”

A second said: “My jaw dropped!!! Omg I love this.”

While a third commented: ‘She is gorgeous both ways and we love that for a queen. Good for her.

And a fourth summed up everyone’s thoughts, adding: ‘That’s such a boss move!’

The bride looked stunning after cutting her long locks


The bride looked stunning after cutting her long locksCredit: tiktok/@sallygrieshaber