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Bride says groom’s family want her to wear ‘her grandmother’s old garter’: ‘Creepy and gross’

A bride disagrees with the groom’s family garter tradition.

She asked the Reddit “Marriage” forum to intervene. Her fiancé’s family wants her to wear “her grandmother’s old garter”. Several family members have worn it to their own weddings.

But the bride finds it “weird” and the groom’s family were “shocked” by her reaction. She wants confirmation from the forum that the request is indeed “strange”.

Garters are bridal lingerie worn under the wedding dress. Traditionally, after the ceremony, the groom removes the garter with his teeth or hands. Then similar to throwing a bouquet, he throws it into the crowd. reports that this tradition dates back to the Dark Ages. It was considered good luck for a guest to have a piece of the bride’s outfit. For a time, people chased the bride to her marriage bed and tore her clothes. This practice eventually evolved into bouquet and garter tossing.

Redditors accepted the poster and found the request bizarre.

“Scary and disgusting and weird and I hate it,” wrote one user.

“It’s a rude and stupid tradition,” one person added.

“It’s a tradition that I’m glad it seems to be moving away from. None of the weddings I’ve been to lately have worn the garter,” someone said.

“Yeah that’s so weird and so embarrassing,” another commented.

“This is a great opportunity to create some boundaries with your new family,” one Redditor replied.

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