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Bride doesn’t wait for dad to walk her down the aisle: ‘It’s ultimately about ego’

A bride asked her uncle to walk her down the aisle, and now her father is upset.

She shared what happened on Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)”. Her dad is always late for things and missed other moments in his life. When he was late for his wedding, she made a quick decision to replace him.

She explained that although she loves her father, he has a “strange need to be helpful”. He missed many milestones and events in his life to serve someone else.

“I told him if he was late for my wedding I wouldn’t wait. I guess he forgot because someone from his church needed help with his car on Saturday. I didn’t I didn’t hesitate. I had my uncle ready to leave,” she wrote.

Her uncle was always there for her when her father let him down in the past. So it only made sense for him to fill the role. Meanwhile, her father arrived 20 minutes late at the wedding.

“At the reception, he was crying because I’m his only child,” she explained. “I took away his only chance to do so. I’m just sick of being an afterthought. My mother says I hurt him. I just think he hurt me by not putting me first.

Redditors thought the father was at fault here.

“It’s ultimately a matter of ego because of the contrast between good intention towards strangers and disregard for family,” one person commented.

“You didn’t take away his only chance to walk you down the aisle, he did when he couldn’t put on your first special day,” one user said.

“Dad ruined his luck with the choices he made. Deliberately,” another wrote.

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