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“Breathtaking” wedding of 97-year-old woman and her 77-year-old husband after saying “yes”

An elderly couple from Iowa were able to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the most memorable way possible. The 97-year-old bride who did not have a dress on her wedding day finally donned one 77 years later in her reconstructed wedding ceremony.

There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the great union of two people deeply in love with each other. This is why the staff of St. Croix Hospice in Iowa were fortunate to experience the moving reunion of Frankie King and her husband.

King married her husband, Royce, on September 16, 1944. At the time, she did not have a dress to wear on her big day. However, she was finally able to don a gorgeous vintage white dress for her wedding ceremony hosted by the hospice staff on September 24.

The blended marriage was filled with countless emotional moments, and all of the hospice staff couldn’t help but gush in front of the lovely couple. Henry Michaelson, photographer and staff member of Hospice Sainte-Croix, shared his thoughts on the occasion:

“It was so difficult not to cry behind the lens when I was able to witness the emotion with this beautiful couple, and the love and compassion that their team put in the preparation of this event for them. “

Also present was the couple’s daughter, Sue Bilodeau, who helped her mother prepare. King’s husband, 98, stood next to a makeshift altar decorated with flowers as he waited for his beloved wife in her Air Force uniform.

The reconstructed wedding event came after hospice staff asked the elderly couple about their wedding photos. King’s daughter, Sue Bilodeau, explained how her parents never got to have a big wedding:

“Mum had mentioned, ‘We got married on two days’ notice while Dad was on short-term leave… before he went overseas in WWII. And we didn’t have time. to plan a big wedding… “

King and Royce received care and support from the Hospice de Sainte-Croix at their home in Oelwein. A few weeks ago, the hospice staff decided to give their backyard an impressive makeover, turning it into a 1940s-style wedding venue.

The couple’s music therapist made the occasion even more exciting by playing hit 1940s tunes on his saxophone and guitar. Another staff member of Hospice Sainte-Croix, Kacie Derr, recalled this momentous event:

“The light in her eyes – I wish everyone could see her. She told me she felt so beautiful.”

Royce and King looked lovingly in each other’s eyes, kissing and kissing as they posed in front of the flower-adorned arch. Bilodeau added that when his father saw his mother, he had the biggest smile in the world, and he didn’t stop smiling.

The Kings, who have two children, four grandchildren and several great-grandchildren, have relived the most special day of their lives surrounded by many well-wishers. Their sweet reunion was also adored by netizens, who were quick to share their loving comments.

One user added: “Breathtaking moments captured in so many ways (sic).” A second user shared, “This is one of the sweetest things I have seen. Thank you to the hospice and everyone involved for making this day their special day. tears in my eyes. Lovely !! ”

Another appreciated the benevolent gesture of the hospice staff: “What a beautiful couple! Thank you to the hospice team for giving them such a wonderful day!

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