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Best Wedding Photographers in Kerala

We believe that “Marriages are made in Heaven and consummated on Earth.” It is the most important ceremony of two souls and families coming together. We have every right to make it memorable and have a wonderful record or proof with the artistic touch of each related incident. This proof can be inherited through generations. There comes the importance of choosing a wonderful group for wedding photography.

Looking for the best wedding photographers?

Earlier he was taking the shots of ”Thalikettu” and a few family photos pose all alike. Plus some outdoor photos. In a very short time, wedding photography has reached new heights. Now it’s as complicated as making a movie and we consider that part of our pride. Posting fabulous wedding photos on social media has begun to determine your intelligence.

wedding photography

Sparkling backwaters, flourishing greenery, perfect climate, rice paddies, tea plantations, stunning beaches… God’s Own Country is still one of the best wedding destinations in Kerala.

We present here some top five wedding photographers in Kerala, who follows new trends. You are relaxed once the wedding photography is assigned to able hands.

Now a wedding is a party on social media platforms. The range goes from engagement photos to the wedding album. People are fed up with traditional wedding photography which includes a lot of poses, almost the same for all weddings. Now photographers try to capture every happy and candid moment without stressing over many poses.

The most appealing part of wedding photography is ”Save this date” stills. Each ”save the date” photo has its own identity and creativity. The color palette, the background, the frame… we want everything to be unique. Then comes the wedding teaser

Wedding teasers are used to announce the upcoming wedding and its highlights in a specific format. This artistry can reveal just how dazzling the event is.

Wedding photography is a field where ideas are innovated every day. We want dramatic entrances, costume close-ups and Mehandi. Besides seeing them as a record of our favorite moments, we wanted to make them engaging with cinematic effects. It’s a chance for everyone to celebrate fame within themselves.

People prefer a cinematic look for every shot and wedding photographers do their homework to create the most creative shot for every wedding to make the photography unique. Drones are used in a variety of ways to take a different approach to style.

The most complicated is the representation of the bride and the groom. Typical styles are not accepted and these portrayals are celebrated in social media stories.

Every wedding is unique and we also need a unique style of photography.

Then the release of wedding albums completes the picture.

Before choosing your wedding photographer…

There are a number of well-known photography companies across Kerala. Consider the following before saying a ”YES”

  • Cost per package: Since wedding photographers offer their services as packages, it is good to consider the cost per package. It is then easy to compare the cost and the services included in a package.
  • Wedding packages: There are wedding packages ranging from one day to five days. The cost varies according to the duration of the package.
  • Pre-wedding packages: Pre-wedding photography is all the rage right now. Photographers offering pre-wedding photography services are in high demand.
  • To research: All popular photography companies have their own websites and have uploaded all their works. Searching and browsing will make your selection easier.

Introducing some legendary wedding photographers…

Moon Wedding Wedding Company

Moon Wedlock Wedding Company is a creative group of photographers who believe that a wedding day is nothing less than divine and capturing the moments in their essence to cherish for a lifetime requires the skill of magicians to make your moment come alive again more magical and heavenly.

This group of experts is ready to provide the following services in the form of high quality photography and video. The team includes talented photographers, designers, filmmakers and creative chefs. The collaboration can really make your wedding photography a proof of the real party. Candid photography, traditional photography, cinematic video and pre-wedding shoots are the highlight of the services offered by the group.

Moon Wedlock company based in Kochi which has been providing fashionable and modern services for 8-9 years. Experienced photographers and designers are ready to travel across Kerala to cover your wedding destinations. Depending on the needs of the customers, the company offers different packages. The day pass for photography costs 50,000 rupees and the photo and video pass costs 70,000 rupees.

Moon Wedding Wedding Company

Happy Day Wedding Society

Happy Day Wedding Company is a photography and videography service in Kerala. According to the group of artists who work for Happy Day Wedding Company, “weddings are about love and happiness and photographs are memories and nostalgia”. The creative team aspires to give you the best of both worlds. They do not compromise on artistic quality, technical quality or camera quality.

This group is basically from Mananthavady, Wayanad. Their unique and pretty way of photographing speaks for them. You wanted to be treated like a celebrity on your wedding day, this is the importance of Happy Day Wedding Company which offers the following services. Traditional photography, pre-wedding shoots, cinematography, traditional videography, scrapbooks, photo booth and candid photography are some of them.

There are a variety of packages available depending on customer needs and interests. The one day cost of a wedding photography package is 71,000 rupees and 1.42,000 for three days. A pre-wedding package including a teaser and a highlight video with candidly taken photographs and traditionally costs Rs 25,000. The talented team is ready to move in to capture the dancing looks of your big day.

Happy Day Wedding Society

Hitech Studio, Thodupuzha, Idukki

Hitech Studio is a group of leading photographers. It is a destination to meet the photographic needs of citizens. The team works with considerable experience from the 1990s. It has a delightful history of traveling with the common man in providing high quality and reasonably priced wedding photography services.

They cover both traditional and candid photography styles. Their profile is more colorful than standout wedding album makers. The group is a one-stop solution for all needs that fall under the category of wedding photography. These captions offer the following services for your wedding, such as wedding coverage, pre-wedding shoots, and reception photos.

The costs of the services vary from 30,000 rupees depending on your needs and interests.

Hitech Studio, Thodupuzha, Idukki

Light & Shades Wedding Factory, Kottayam

Lights & Shades is a wedding photography company based in Kottayam. They focus on clicking on the candid and sweetest moments of your marriage. Professional photographers are popular to click perfect photos with artistic and photographic quality to make your memories pleasant. This company has been providing reasonable and reliable service for years.

The company offers the following services to make the day special such as candid photographers, traditional photography, pre-wedding shoots, cinematography, traditional videography and wedding albums. Outpost services are also available.

The one-day package wedding costs Rs 85,000 and the two-day package covers photography and videography taken both candidly and traditionally. They also offer a three-day wedding package for Rs 1.70,000.

Light & Shades Wedding Factory, Kottayam

Chirag Wedding Studio, Trivandrum

Chirag Wedding Studio is a Trivandrum based photographer who has been serving the area for 5 years. The team offers us both candid and traditional photography. The company offers us the most comfortable atmosphere to capture images for the most beautiful day. The team believes in perfection and always. The artistic extravagance offered by the team of expert photographers and designers took them to real heights.

Their service covers all ranges of photography such as candid photography and traditional photography as well as videos.

There are one day packages starting from Rs 50,000 covering photography as well as videography. Photo packages are priced at Rs 32,000 and Photo + Video packages are priced at Rs 42,000 per day. Packages are flexible according to customer needs and the team is ready to travel with you to the best destinations to capture your candid moments. Chirag Wedding Studio has its wings all over South India and captures wedding photos in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh.

Chirag Wedding Studio


It’s the era of the party. Every day is a party. We wanted to call our festivities simple and make them colorful as much as possible. Man, being emotional, has a sentimental approach to all aspects of his life. We consider memories to be the most precious gifts from God and we wanted to keep them in the most artistic way for the rest of our lives, marriage is the most important of all. The elegant photographs of her own wedding are also part of our family’s reputation.

There are legendary photographers and photography services across Kerala who can fulfill all your dreams and wishes considering the day photography. Using your wits to choose the best band to record your most gifted day is very important.